2017 Wedding Trends 

Paris. http://www.stylemepretty.com

Tuscany. http://www.photographertuscany.com

Spain. http://www.tropicpic.com

Greece. http://www.rockmywedding.co.uk
Faraway Destinations a/k/a Europe. If one of my friends came up to me and told me that they were going to be getting married in Greece, I may just faint. It is literally the vacation of my dreams. While not all your guests will be happy, the ones that truly want to be there, WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN and use it as a vacation!

All dresses from DHgate.com
Removable Wedding Gown Skirts. AHH! This trend was also pretty big in 2015 but you’ll see it even more this year. I love seeing brides go the different route of traditional. It will definitely give you the opportunity to showcase your personality and let’s face it, It’s adorable!



 Late Night Snacks doubled as Favors. After a night full of drinks and dancing, this is probably the best take-home favor you could give your guests. The gift of FOOD! YUMMM!

Live Streaming Ceremony. I’m so in love with this trend. This gives your family and friends who were absolutely bummed about missing your wedding, the opportunity to be there with you in spirit at your ceremony! Check out http://www.mystreamingwedding.com. They offer different packages starting from $250+. Locations in PHilidephia, Washington D.C., NYC & LA.

Donation Charities Registry. For the engaged couples who already have everything they need and want a way to give back! http://www.idofoundation.org., gives you a wide range of Donation Charity Registries to choose from.

Which trend is your favorite?



Happy New Year! 

We’re getting this one on a canvas for our living room

Loved having LIVE music at our reception!

20 years of friendship!
It feels so great to be back on the blog. I left off planning my wedding and as you can see. The wedding has come and gone and now I’m in full duties of wifehood. Looking forward to being a bridesmaid for two weddings this year as well as a guest in two other weddings, so look out for more wedding posts coming your way. Miguel and I will also be visiting our families in Puerto Rico (this October) god willing, for a family destination wedding. Our first ever! So exciting! 2016 made me an  aunt to a special little boy, Brendan, and I will soon be an aunt this year as my brother Daniel and his wife Lauren are expecting in April. Did someone say expecting? No! Not me, I have about 5 friends that are going to be mommies this year and I’m super excited for all the baby showers.

In addition to all the wedding updates, I’ll be making some changes on the blog by turning it into a lifestyle blog rather than just weddings and parties. It’s something I’m very passionate about. I hope to create exciting content for you. I’m already mapping out the posts. It will be a simple Tuesday and Thursday deal with once in a blue Fridays! I hope you will continue to take this journey with me where I can voice my passions, likes, loves and interests.

Before I let you go, I just want to wish you all great success and much happiness in 2017. I’ve seen a lot of people speaking out about 2016 being the year of many trials and tribulations, but for me it was such an awesome year. My favorite memory was of course, marrying the love of my life my husband, Miguel. Check out some of our amazing wedding photos above! I’ll see you all next week

How to Make A Wedding Budget & Stick To It!


The scariest part about getting married for me is paying for it. Long gone are the days where the bride’s parents pay for the whole sha-bang! It’s just not realistic with today’s world and can put a huge strain on the wedding process. Many couples are opting to wait 2- 3 years before having the wedding of their dreams.

When the time came to have a conversation with my fiance regarding wedding money, I did not really know how to go about it. I’ve always been a bridesmaid so I never paid attention to the actual wedding costs. The two of us were completely clueless on how we were going to come up with a budget. After some research and a little bit of trial and error we had a game plan. Here are some ways that can help with figuring out how to make your budget and keep it going.

Making the Budget:

  • Talk to your family about possible contributions. Whether you believe they would be willing or able to help or not; ASK anyway. You never know what they are happy to contribute towards (ie: limo, flowers or even the wedding gown).
  • $ave! $ave! $ave! Sit down with your fiancé and discuss how much each of you are comfortable with putting aside every pay check. Add up the numbers all the way until the wedding day as well as any family contributions. There is your budget. Family Contributions + Bi-weekly or weekly Savings= Budget. This will also help you from feeling like you won’t ever be able to do activities or hang out with your friends again. You may need to cut back but overall you can still have a life!
  • Save your credit cards for last-minute expenses like the rehearsal dinner and wedding gifts that can be repaid after your wedding if needed.

How to Stick to your Budget:

  • Open a savings account separate from your personal savings. I use an online savings account that way I am not tempted to withdrawal money. When I do need to make payments to my vendors,  I can just link it with my personal checking and make deposits and withdrawals. The process will take about 3 days so schedule ahead.
  • Know your limits! Having a budget ahead of time before going vendor shopping is key. You will then know whether or not you can afford a particular vendor. It will also keep you on your toes and away from the add-on station like an Ice cream bar or up-lighting if you know it’s not in the budget. Going in blindsided will only cause you more stress trying to find ways to come up with the cash later on.
  • Organize your vendor due dates with a calendar or a wedding app. I write down every vendor deposit and balance owed with the date attached to ensure that I will not be late and/or  have saved enough money beforehand. If you know that your florist doesn’t need to be paid until the day of the wedding but your photographer needs to be paid in full 2 weeks before, make sure you are saving enough to cover the cost of your photographer before your florist.
  • Make sure all purchases are made with your wedding money. This will keep you from making impulse purchases on your credit cards.

These are the ways I found really helped my fiance and I. I hope that some of these tips will help guide you toward your wedding process no matter what budget you are working with.

Do any of you know any other tips or tricks to sticking with a wedding budget? Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time…


Photo credit: google

OOTD Engagement Photo Shoot! 

I recently received a teaser of our engagement photos from our photography company and I thought it would be a fun idea to do an OOTD on what I wore. I actually didn’t know what to wear. I browsed a little bit on Pinterest. I ended up putting together outfits I already had in my closet which worked out great!!! We did both a dressy and casual look. We chose  Liberty State Park, Jersey City, New Jersey as our venue spot.

Outfit Details: Skirt//Top (similar)//Shoes

For our casual look we did a basketball theme. My fiance is a huge fan of the Chicago Bulls so we chose matching shirts that we had. I paired it with some old skinny jeans and cute comfy shoes.

Outfit Details: Bulls T shirt//Jeans (similar)//Shoes (similar)

We are so in love with all of our photos! In about 2 weeks the rest of the engagement photos will be available to download and share with everyone. So stay tuned.

What do you guys prefer when it comes to engagement photo shoots; dressy or casual?


Simple Engagement Gifts for the Bride-to-Be! 

When my fiancé proposed to me at a family party a lot of my close friends knew ahead of time and brought me absolutely beautiful gifts. Each gift we received was so thoughtful. And I have made and will make great use to each of them! If you are interested in some ideas Check out the list below:

A ring dish! This is one of my absolute favorite gifts that I received. I loose things, especially my jewelry (my expensive jewelry) so this was probably the best gift anyone could have given me! I always take my ring off when I wash dishes, take a shower and go to bed and place it right on my little umbrella!  My best friend and matron of honor got me this one from Anthropologie. I loved it so much that I got my two future sister-in-laws similar ones when they too got engaged the same year! 🙂 They are so super convienant and inexpensive.

Engraved Frame! One of my other favorite gifts was this customized enagraved frame I received from one of my bridesmaids. It has the date we got engaged on the bottom of it. I recently went out and printed some pictures from our actual engagement and some professional engagement photos and placed it in our foyer.

Kate Spade Mrs Passport Holder! How adorable is this passport holder?  One of my closest friends gave me this and I think it is so cute and SOOO me! I love little things like this (Frencesca’s has perfect little items similar to this). I remember in her card she encouraged me to use this as motivation to go somewhere amazing for our honeymoon and it literally has done just that!!!

 “I DO” Mugs! My other amazing friend got us matching “I DO” mugs! I loved the personal “what she says” touch to it for my fiancé’s matching mug lol! 😉

If you’re looking for a more simple gift and something really cute then I hope one of these options spoke to you! Which one was your favorite? Let me know in the comments below.


Bridesmaid Proposals: How I Did Mine…

Bridesmaid proposals are the newest trend in the wedding world these days.  Brides everywhere are trying to find the cutest ways to ask their favorite girls to join them on their special day. I too, indulged in this fun tend. Given that I’ve been a bridesmaid about 7 times, I wanted to do something simple yet different than what had been done for me.   I opted for a simple scratch off card asking each of my girls to partake in a special way for my wedding day with a cute knot ring attached that customized to their unique ring sizes. Both items were purchased on Etsy.com (Ring: https://www.etsy.com/listing/125120300/rose-goldgoldsilver-knot-ring-love-knot. Card: https://www.etsy.com/listing/207730902/scratch-off-will-you-be-my-bridesmaid). Both shops have bundle deals if you need a large number like I did 🙂

If you’re a bride and you also love this trend, let me know in the comments what you did for your girls!


We’re Engaged! 

Happy New Year blogger friends!
I hope that you all are making the most of 2016 so far. Remember that every day is a gift and so we must create a life that we can be proud of. The one thing I like to do on my blog every January is just reflect on the year before. 2015 was a very hard year for my family and I as we lost two beloved women but also had so many wonderful new memories. Rather than focus on what made me sad, today I will celebrate what gave me joy: 

On September 26, 2015, my love of 8 years asked me to marry him! I cannot tell you the amazing feeling I had that day. Not only were we celebrating his grandmother’s 70th birthday, but now we were celebrating our forever commitment to one another. 

The moment I said I do….

 I have been waiting so long to start blogging our wedding planning process. We decided since we’ve been together for quite a while, we didn’t want to have a long engagement. We have chosen August of 2016! 

Since September, we have booked our Venue, Photo/Video, DJ and Hotel Accommodations, with lots more to do. I will tell you that we had planned for a while to get engaged so saving money had been on our agenda since the spring of 2015 which is why we have been able to start planning right away. If you take away anything from this blog post is SAVE SAVE SAVE right away, if you are planning to get engaged! 

Our save the dates went out last week, so now I can officially share all of our Save the Date/ Engagement Photos with everyone. Our friend, Mikey Rivera from M.A.R. Photography (FB) was our Photographer. He is actually a mentor to my fiancé who also does photography and Mikey, we are just in love with our photos!  Check out our favorite ones below.            

  We took our photos in November at a local park and just had fun with it! I wanted something effortless that showed the type of couple we are. It’s never too soon to plan your engagement photos. Do it while you’re still on cloud 9. Your photos will come out amazing and will set the tone for your whole wedding. 

 I can’t wait to share each week with you everything that I’ve been going through emotionally plus all the planning. I’ve been making notes from everything I’ve done so far so stay tuned!