Happy New Year! 

We’re getting this one on a canvas for our living room

Loved having LIVE music at our reception!

20 years of friendship!
It feels so great to be back on the blog. I left off planning my wedding and as you can see. The wedding has come and gone and now I’m in full duties of wifehood. Looking forward to being a bridesmaid for two weddings this year as well as a guest in two other weddings, so look out for more wedding posts coming your way. Miguel and I will also be visiting our families in Puerto Rico (this October) god willing, for a family destination wedding. Our first ever! So exciting! 2016 made me an  aunt to a special little boy, Brendan, and I will soon be an aunt this year as my brother Daniel and his wife Lauren are expecting in April. Did someone say expecting? No! Not me, I have about 5 friends that are going to be mommies this year and I’m super excited for all the baby showers.

In addition to all the wedding updates, I’ll be making some changes on the blog by turning it into a lifestyle blog rather than just weddings and parties. It’s something I’m very passionate about. I hope to create exciting content for you. I’m already mapping out the posts. It will be a simple Tuesday and Thursday deal with once in a blue Fridays! I hope you will continue to take this journey with me where I can voice my passions, likes, loves and interests.

Before I let you go, I just want to wish you all great success and much happiness in 2017. I’ve seen a lot of people speaking out about 2016 being the year of many trials and tribulations, but for me it was such an awesome year. My favorite memory was of course, marrying the love of my life my husband, Miguel. Check out some of our amazing wedding photos above! I’ll see you all next week


Bridesmaid Proposals: How I Did Mine…

Bridesmaid proposals are the newest trend in the wedding world these days.  Brides everywhere are trying to find the cutest ways to ask their favorite girls to join them on their special day. I too, indulged in this fun tend. Given that I’ve been a bridesmaid about 7 times, I wanted to do something simple yet different than what had been done for me.   I opted for a simple scratch off card asking each of my girls to partake in a special way for my wedding day with a cute knot ring attached that customized to their unique ring sizes. Both items were purchased on Etsy.com (Ring: https://www.etsy.com/listing/125120300/rose-goldgoldsilver-knot-ring-love-knot. Card: https://www.etsy.com/listing/207730902/scratch-off-will-you-be-my-bridesmaid). Both shops have bundle deals if you need a large number like I did 🙂

If you’re a bride and you also love this trend, let me know in the comments what you did for your girls!


Vendor Feature: Ily Grantham Photography!

Hello my friends! Today, I am sharing with you a very talented portrait and wedding photographer, Ily Grantham, from the beautiful sunsets of Phoenix, Arizona. Ily randomly emailed me with some very kind words about the blog. I’m so happy that she did because I’ve really enjoyed getting to know her through her words and gorgeous photos!

Ily has been shooting professionally in Phoenix for the last 3 years and has been doing weddings for the past 2 years. As a self-taught photographer, Ily, has dedicated hours of practice and sleepless nights of researching.

Ily describes herself as passionate. “I’m a passionate person and I love what I do, what I see, what I photograph… The words you would hear more often from me are I love this, I love that… I’m a “I love” person.”

Also described as a “Nikon girl” Ily’s photographic style is romantic, modern, artistic and fun. Her inspirations come from her clients, brides, her children and families. Ily indicates that she loves getting to know her clients as much as possible which helps her really show their personalities within her photos.

One of my favorite things about weddings are the themes. Destination weddings will always be my number one which is why I was excited to see Ily’s dream wedding destination spot: “I would love to shoot a wedding in Ireland! But to be honest any part of Europe will be a dream, but Ireland is my #1.”

Ily’s favorite part about being a wedding photographer is after the ceremony. She explains “when is just me, the bride and the groom, I always say to my brides… we did it… now you can relax and enjoy! I like to let them know that I’m there for them.”

I’ve always admired wedding photographers and the tough job they have before them. You most definitely need the talent and patience to excel in this business. Ily tells me that being a wedding photographer is very changing. It makes her think faster forcing her to learn and know her camera. During a wedding, Ily has to work fast to capture moments, “I have to run from point A to point B in just seconds, I have to capture ceremony details and portraits all within a tight timeframe and with limited control. Wedding photography is making me a better photographer for sure.”

Lastly, I’ve asked Ily to give some advice for my bride and groom readers: “Hire the perfect photographer for you! Take the time to get to know her/him, there are so many photographers out there but not all of them are the perfect fit for you, so take your time and get someone you will click with, the one you will trust, your photographer will be the person you spend the most time with on your wedding day.”

Ily is currently setting goals for more weddings! She is looking to travel more and keep growing as a photographer. Her other goal is to shoot more weddings outside of Arizona so if you are interested in Ily Grantham Photography visit her at:


We want to thank Ily for having her work on our blog today and we wish you a very successful and bright future!

Photo credit: Ily Grantham Photography

Real Wedding Feature: Amanda & Cal

It’s Monday and it’s time to get this week started. Hope you all had an awesome weekend. Today, we are featuring another “real” wedding. Thank you to all the positive feedback I received on our first real wedding feature. I really enjoy showcasing creativity, what better way than a wedding, right?

I recently reached out to Amanda when I visited her blog and read some great wedding planning tips she was sharing. She agreed to share her wedding day on the blog so without further ado, here is the real wedding of Amanda & Cal which took place on June 8, 2013 at the St. John’s Church at Bonanzaville, West Fargo ND.

We met in college in early 2005. My roommate’s boyfriend was on his floor and convinced us to meet based on things we had in common. Neither of us were “looking” at the time, so ignored him for awhile, then finally gave in … and the rest is history

We got engaged in March 2012. He proposed in our apartment shortly before a jewelry party I was hosting. He had initially planned to do it during the party and had this whole scheme, but earlier in the day he told my best friend his plans and she advised against that since I’m not much for a lot of attention or making a scene (she was right!). He later told me that made him panic, and he already had the ring and didn’t think he could wait any longer, so he did it on the spot when I got home from work that day. I was so happy when it happened, but then got anxious because I had guests coming over soon, so we both were crying and talking about it while we cut up veggies and cleaned up! Haha.

Favorite part of your wedding planning process: Making our special day unique and fun and reflective of our personalities.

Most stressful part of planning your wedding: So much, lol! I’m an overplanner and overanalyzer to begin with, so I had a lot of emotional breakdowns during the process, worrying and obsessing over every detail. I lost sight of the big picture frequently.

Wedding theme: Simple, classic and fun.

How did your wedding differ from other weddings you’ve been to?
For one, our music selection was very reflective of our personalities and styles rather than the “traditional” ceremony and reception music. I walked down the aisle to Beyoncé’s “Halo”, our recessional was “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” by Stevie Wonder, our grand entrance was to “Shot Through the Heart” by Bon Jovi, and our first dance was to the Disney version of “A Whole New World.” Oh, and we skipped down the aisle after the ceremony!

Best advice for future brides: Don’t worry, and don’t lose sight of the big picture. In the end, all that matters is that you marry the love of your life, so don’t get too caught up in the small details. Ask for lots of help and make sure to make time for you and your fiancée. Remember – invest in your marriage, not your wedding day.

Thank you Amanda and Cal for sharing your wedding day with us. You can visit Amanda on her blog at http://www.notesfromanewlywed.com where she shares amazing things about her life as a new wife.


Photo Credit: Lori Anne Photography

Bridesmaid Diaries: Violent Lip Tattoos for the Bachelorette Party?!

I found out about Violent Lip Tattoos when I accidentally came accrross a New York Yankee one online and thought it was pretty cool! I started to read up on the company because the first thing that came to mind, which I’m sure most of you are thinking, is it safe? According to the company’s website, the tattoos are a line of natural and vitamin enhanced temporary lip tattoos. They are FDA approved, vegan and only tested on supermodels. They are made in America and are 100% latex and Gluten free.

I think they would be so fun to try! We are currently planning my friend’s bachelorette party this coming summer and I’m seriously considering ordering all the girls a pair! Check out the “Bride to Be” one isn’t it fab? I wonder if my friend and the others girls would be down to rock these! Check out some styles below!

Has anyone tried them before? Would you rock these? I’m totally into them!

Photo credit: Violentlips.com

Unique Bridal Clutches- Would you Splurge on these Beauties?

A few days ago I read an article that Instyle Magazine tweeted “7 Wedding Clutches We Love” and I couldn’t help but share. While I am big on writing about friendly budgets on my blog, I can’t help but LOVE these amazing bridal clutches. I’m a huge bag lover (collector as my family would say) so these definitely caught my attention! Check out my favorite ones plus some other more reasonable clutches I found on Pinterest.

This Charlotte Olymia “Marry Me” Pandora clutch is so different, I would love to try and recreate this adding my own touches!

The Halston Heritage Clutch screams all kind of elegance. For a minute I thought this was a perfume bottle! Beautiful!

The Judith Lieber Crystal Bow Clutch is the reason I had to blog today. My absolute favorite one! How could you not fall in love? As per Instyle- every First Lady since 1953 has worn Judith Lieber to the Presidential inaugurations!

I love this Elizabeth Anne Design Clutch with Monogramming I found on Pinterest. A beautiful touch to personalize your accessories. Makes a great gift for the Bride from a bridesmaid/maid or matron of honor!

Last but not least, this Jaxie Bridal Clutch can be found on Esty. Feathers make me smile and so I would totally buy this!

So which one is your favorite? You can check out the prices on the first three beauties at Instyle.com plus other fabulous ones they have listed!


Photo credit: 1,2,3- Instyle.com//4,5-Pinterest

Lucky Stars Planning: Free Bridal, Sweet 16 & Prom EXPO!

We have a new vendor today; let me introduce Lucky Stars Planning! Angel Ward (CEO) started her planning services because she enjoys planning all types of parties! In order to get her name out there she’s hosted a few Shopping Soirées, Comedy Shows, Kid’s Fashion Show and her newest event a Bridal, Sweet 16 and Prom EXPO! I’ve know Angel for over 7 years and have always enjoyed working with her!

Come join us on March 22, 2014 at the MAJESTY in Bloomfield, New Jersey where you will enjoy meeting various vendors, door prizes, a small fashion show and much much more! The event is free; however, you must present your entry ticket which you can print at http://www.bridepromexpo.eventbrite.com

For more information check out the flyer below! Lucky Stars Planning is still accepting vendors. To sign up please contact Angel Ward at 201-725-8989. I will also be there to help run Angel’s table. Come visit me and I’ll be happy to give you one of my yummy homemade cupcakes!

Hope to see you all there!