My Roxy gave birth!

Hi everyone. I’m sorry that I’ve been missing this week with blog entries. I have been preoccupied since last Friday. My dog, Roxy, gave birth unexpectedly on Friday and I’ve been trying my best to learn how to take care of the puppies and her. I don’t normally do many personal blog posts like this, … More My Roxy gave birth!

Memorial Day Recipes!

I absolutely love Memorial Day and not only because it reminds us that summer is around the corner and our tough winter is long behind us, but I also love spending time with family and friends; remembering those who have put their lives on the line for millions of Americans they don’t even know (so … More Memorial Day Recipes!

Wedding Budget Websites!

Happy Friday bloggers! Budget websites like Groupon, Livingsocial and fashion sites like Asos and Hutelook are growing more and more popular these days. You can get discounts and discounts worth of goods and services for half the prices as regular stores. Most recently, I received an email from Groupon indicating they now have a wedding … More Wedding Budget Websites!