How To Wake Yourself Up Without Coffee!

Hey there! It’s been a while! Life has been hectic as usual! Today’s post is so fitting because as busy as I am, I am NOT a morning person, I do NOT drink coffee and I have a full time job that does NOT consist of instagramming my non-existing colorful breakfast.

Since it’s Monday again, here is a realistic view on how to get going in the mornings when the above is basically, well, you!

Keep your phone away from your bed!

I literally keep my phone about 10 feet away from myself at night or I will never wake up. If I have to actually get out of my bed (in my freezing cold bedroom because my husband keeps our room freezing cold), I will run from turning off my alarm straight to the bathroom where warmth is my happy place.

Take a shower in the morning!

Have you ever seen those YouTubers who vlog their “Get Ready in the Morning with me” and skip the morning cleanliness step? Ugh. I’m sorry, it’s just so bizarre to me. I have to take a shower in the morning to revive my life even if I’ve taken one the night before. It just helps me feel refreshed and somewhat ready to take on the day!

Drink a glass of room temperature water instead of coffee!

I’m not a huge breakfast person, you can yell at me in the comments, but I do believe in waking up your body the right way. Drinking a glass of room temperature may not be throat quench worthy but your insides will thank you! For all you coffee addicts, don’t jump down my throat yet, I’m a chocolate addict so I get you!

Eat fruit instead of carbs!

Honestly, I get bored with breakfast. If you have any realistic breakfast ideas please tell me in the comments. Realistic! Not açaí bowl or avocado toast because No! If there was something I could eat every day it would be a bacon egg and cheese on a roll- salt, pepper, ketchup please! (I’m from jersey) Anyways, but in order to get a boost in the morning without carbs a bowl of fresh fruit is the key!

Take a walk before starting your day!

Nothing makes me a happier person in the morning than the sun, warm temperatures and fresh air! Every day, I take my little dog, Rex for a walk around my block before heading off to work. I always looked at it as in this was good for my dog but it’s also great for me! Even in the freezing cold too, despite my despise!


What is your favorite song at the moment? Believe it or not, but Celine Deon’s Ashes from Deadpool 2 is literally on repeat right now my whole route to work! Music can really wake up your mind and help you get motivated!

I hope you all enjoyed my little list of ways to help you get going in the morning! This is just what works for me. I would love to know what works for you and don’t say coffee!

Until next time-Xo

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