New Season, New Skin, New Routine!

Happy first day of Spring everyone! It doesn’t really feel like spring here in Jersey, especially since we are expecting snow any day now. Sigh… I can’t believe I am about to say this but I am actually tired of wearing sweaters and boots! Two of my favorite things and mother nature is literally making me hate them.  Anyways, I thought for the new season I’d share my latest beauty routine with you all. I’ve come a long way with finding products  that really work for me. I am into my 30s now and if I can keep my skin looking young and healthy for as long as I can, I will! Some of these products I’ve been using for a really long time and some are new. All extremely reasonable in price.

This winter my skin was extremely dry. I have normal skin texture so I was really upset with how my skin changed overnight. It is true what they say, every 10 years your skin and body start to change. I did some research and here are some of the products I’m now using to get my skin back to it’s normal self.

N I G H T I M E    R O U T I N E

I’m starting with my night routine because I think it’s best to have a clean canvas for your morning look. It helps to take away all of the toxins on your skin before you jump into bed.

Wash hands- The first thing I do before I take off my make up is wash my hands.  A lot of bloggers don’t mention this in their routines’ but it’s so important that your hands are clean when touching your skin especially your face.

Bamboo Charcoal Cleanser- I recently purchased this charcoal cleanser from Marshall’s and I absolutely LOVE IT! My skin reacts very well to anything charcoal and it literally removed all the flaky skin that I was experiencing during the harsh cold. This cleanser also completely removes ALL of my makeup while cleaning my pores at the same time. I tend to suffer from enlarged pores at times, so I find that charcoal really helps reduce the appearance of enlarged pores.

Moisturizer with a night time repair serum- I’ve been using St. Ives collagen moisturizer for years now. It literally leaves my face so smooth. I add three drops of the Kiel’s Midnight Repair Serum to my moisturizer and place it all over my face. In the morning my skin looks super refreshed.

M O R N I N G   R O U T I N E

My morning routine differs depending on the days of the week. I’ve been using different products to tackle different areas of my skin. I always take a shower in the morning or else I just don’t feel clean. I start off by just washing off my moisturizer when I jump in.

Mondays & Fridays- After I splash some water on my face I like to start and end my work week with a scrub. This Kate Somerville Exfoliant that I received from my FabFitFun box is amazing. It really get’s rid of any dead skin left on my face and leaves me with a smooth texture. (Warning: When I first starting using this I felt a little burning when I put it on my face; however, over time I’m now used to it and the burning feeling has lessened).

Tuesdays & Thursdays- I deep clean my pores with my Clean & Clear Cream Cleanser. It leaves a tingle sensation and really gets deep down into my pores. I’ve been using this since I was in my 20s. It also helps keep my skin clear from breakouts.

Wednesdays & Saturdays- Rest day. I leave Wednesdays & Saturdays to rest my skin from any scrubs or deep cleaning of my pores. A simple wash with warm water works well for me.

After I get out of the shower, I ALWAYS run cold water over my face. This helps take away any residue left on your face from products while closing your pores at the same time. Open pores are how bacteria get into your skin. By closing your pores you are less likely to get breakouts. I do this for my body as well.

Moisturizer with Serum- Before I lotion my body, I put my trusted moisturizer back on with three drops of this Hyaluronic Acid Serum that I recently purchased from Marshall’s as well. I am totally hooked. It really moistens my face, while keeping it looking healthy and bright while also reducing the appearance of any enlarged pores.

W E E K E N D   R O U T I N E

During my weekends when I have a special event, party or wedding, I use my charcoal mask from Origins that I am completely obsessed with. I told you I love Charcoal! It leaves my skin feeling so clean and refreshed that when I go to put on my makeup, my makeup just glides on smooth and leaves it looking natural. It’s the perfect primer for the no make up make up look. Sundays- I like to do sheet masks when I have no special event going on.

I hope you all enjoyed my beauty routine. Please let me know if you have any questions on any of the products that I used.

*This post is not sponsored. All products were purchased on my own with my own thoughts and opinions.

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