Saying Goodbye To Limitations!

For most of my life I’ve been a people pleaser. When I think of the reasons behind being a people please it doesn’t entail the art of having others love me or like me or anything to that sort. I just think it is who I am. I love to help my friends and my family. I love being there for everything. Something happened to me right before 2018. I was suddenly aware that I wasn’t doing what I wanted to do or love to do. I told myself this was the year I was going to self care for myself. Putting others first before myself was starting to affect me. I stopped self-caring.

From a person who is always on the go it can be hard to sit out sometimes, but it is so incredibly necessary to step back and love yourself. This year I made a few commitments that include going back to church and getting involved. Taking back my finances that I’ve been talking about lately here on the blog. I created my realistic bucket list that I have already been chipping away at. My biggest  commitment is saying no. I know it will be hard not going to every single event I am invited to, but for my well-being it is a must.

I recently read some advice on self-care from a new blog that I found; Sara at She mentioned that she watched a video where she was told to make a list of all the things limited herself on paper and then rip it up and turn it into confetti. It really spoke to me so much.

For my last post in January and my series on bettering yourself in 2018, I encourage you all to do the same. See how much of weight is lifted from your shoulders when you take the time to admit your limitations and free them from your life. It is so incredible how much love you can give yourself by stepping back and just doing it! No questions asked.

See you all in February.

Until then…


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