Quicker Morning Routines!

I am not a morning person. I repeat, I am not a morning person. Do not be fooled by the amazing picture above that was taken from my honeymoon in Aruba. With that view, I’d definitely become a morning person. Instead, I come from a long history of family members who enjoy sleep. It started as a baby. My mother used to tell me that I was the perfect baby because I loved to sleep so much, that she’d actually have to wake me up to eat. #theperfectchild.

Throughout my years of perfecting the art of sleep it’s had both its pros and cons. Pro: I get 7-8 hours a sleep a night which I’ve heard is recommended by medical professionals. Con: I’m always in a rush and I never really had time to make myself a good breakfast. As far as I could remember, I’d never been a breakfast girl. I hate eating the same thing every.single.day. I don’t drink coffee either. AHHH! Who am I? Anyways, as you get older you find ways to make your morning routine as quick as possible. If you’re like me and feel like sleep is probably the best thing that God could have ever created besides, light, food and salvation then keep going….

Don’t mind my undone eyebrows (eyebrow lady is STILL on vacation) HELP! Also, my face is pretty greasy because I have a face mask on and the picture obviously looked better in black and white! LOL



The worst thing for me to do is to keep my phone/alarm next to me on my side table. I will snooze for HOURS! Instead, I keep it at a distance that requires me to actually get out of bed to turn it off. For most people, once they are up they are up, but for me, having to actually get out of the bed means my dogs are more than likely not going to let me go back to sleep and nature is now calling my name.


In addition to loving sleep, I love to take warm showers, therefore, I tend to waste anywhere from 10-20 minutes standing in the shower thinking of what I’m going to wear. A few years ago, I started timing my showers with my cell phone alarm. I usually opt for 8 minute showers if I need to shave. If not, I do 5 minute showers.  To save you even more time in the shower, wash your hair the night before and let it air dry. Not only will you have more time in the morning but you’ll also have healthier hair. #boom!


For my full time 9-5 job I usually keep my make up as natural as possible. For me, I think it looks more professional (depending on where you work) but it also saves about an hour compared to my weekend life of glitter eye shadow and learning how to contour. For my natural look I use: Primer, Mineral foundation or Liquid foundation (if I have plans after work), Mascara, Blush (in winter/spring), Bronzer (summer/fall), Brow gel, Lipstick or Gloss and that’s about it.  I work in a legal department so if I need to go to court on a specific day, sometimes I’ll spice myself up with some eye shadow. I’m obsessed with eye shadow palettes, but I usually save them for my weekends! #myfavoritepalleteisthetartepeach


So I would tell you to pick out your outfit the night before, but I would be lying if I told you I do this. I definitely do not unless I bought something new and already have it out ready to wear. I usually don’t figure out what I’m wearing until I get in the shower. SO here we go… I am an incredible multi-tasker <—(wait not sure that’s a word).  Moring multi-tasks include-doing my hair while my iron warms up, doing my brows while my concealer dries a little, and toasting my bagel or toast while I walk my dogs. All before 8:30 in the morning.

The greatest gift would be for me to wake up about an hour earlier and do all the lovely things I’d want to do before going to work (like exercise, read my daily devotional and eat a better breakfast) but then again, I like sleep and it’s my greatest downfall at times and the greatest joy! My best advice: Find a routine that works for you.

Do you guys have any other tips on keeping your routine the quickest? Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time


2 thoughts on “Quicker Morning Routines!

  1. These are great suggestions! I’m also not exactly a morning person but I gotta wake up very early just to make it on time for work. I’ll try to keep my phone away (I have at least 4 alarms and usually get up after the third snooze) but what scares me a bit is that I will not be able to hear it haha. Worth trying though! Thanks for sharing these tips x

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