As you’ve probably noticed, January is all about bettering yourself and helping you all get motivated this year.   Today,  learn HOW TO MAKE A REALISTC BUCKET LIST! I’ve always found Bucket Lists to give me super anxiety… there is nothing worst then aiming for a goal only to let yourself down in six months in. So my guide to making a realistic bucket list is putting small goals together to help you reach higher ones. Start off small and then aim bigger… here we go:


  • This can be anywhere from letting go of a toxic relationship, friendship to decluttering your home, getting a new apartment or saying bye-bye to a stressful job and finding a better one. For me this year, my goal is to definitely declutter my home and work harder toward my dream job.


  • Everyone has SOMETHING they’ve been dying to get better at.  Crocheting, better Youtube content, Photoshop, Photography? Whatever it is, initiate the first step and find your niche. Maybe save up for a new camera and start your YouTube channel or photography website? I think this year, I want to perfect my photo skills. I like to craft a lot and put my best work on my Etsy shop, but learning how to take an ascetic photo to get people interested in your product can be hard. I’m going to take control of that this year!


  • Notice the bucket list is getting a little hard now? [Enter anxiety] Reaching for bigger and better goals. Start paying down credit card debt or kick up your savings challenge with the weekly savings challenge (I’ll be blogging about this soon). My husband and I are committed to increase our savings account more than we did last year. Keeping our eye on the prize which is to own our own home one day.


  • Whether it’s interning to gain experience or apply to your dream college, do something that is going to help you learn and increase your chances of a better life. For as long as I can remember, planning weddings has been a huge passion of mine. Last year, my sister-in-law and I started taking a wedding planner course. It’s been such a great experience and we can’t wait to finally branch out and call ourselves wedding planners in the near future.

 Last but not least:


  • I am a HUGE fan of traveling. It’s something that just brings me so much joy. The problem is sometimes life gets busy and there just isn’t enough time or money to plan that favorite trip you’ve always dreamed out. If you can carve out that time WAY TO GO! If not, start small: go somewhere you’ve never been. Whether it’s flying or just driving to another state… make time for yourself to enjoy what’s out there in the world. Different cultures, different towns, different people.  For my birthday this year, I told my husband that I really wanted to go to Niagra Falls. I’ve never been to Canada and I’m a winter baby (February).  We’re only about 6 hours away and I think it would be a fun road trip to do just the two of us. I’m really looking forward to getting away even if it’s for a few days!


 Do you guys have any other realistic items on your bucket list??? Share them with us below. I’d love to hear them!

Until next time,



2 thoughts on “A 2018 REALISTIC BUCKET LIST!

  1. Hi!! I just learned to crochet via Youtube end of last month! I’m currently learning, or trying to learn anyway, two new stitches! We also have a family goal of traveling to as many “drive to” states for day or weekend trips. A huge financial goal for 2018 is to have all our bills on autopay…scary, but achievable (I hope) Lastly, my personal dream goal is to start a Youtube cooking tutorial channel…Funny how we are kinda on the same page…prima power! 😚

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