Happy New Year!

Let us start this year with a grateful heart…

Too many blogs start their January posts ringing with words of resolutions and encouragement and how to keep them going past the month of February. I bring to you a story of a grateful heart. In my years of blogging and stopping and blogging again… I’ve come to realize that being open and real is what brings the most enjoyable aspect of the blogging world.

I bring to you a grateful heart this January because without one… how can anyone expect their true happiness? We are sometimes too busy too focused on following the flow of society. Summer time fun and vacations of sorts; fall table settings and wardrobe. Then we follow into holiday décor and gifts.  While I am a lover of each of those categories as well… today I speak to you with a grateful heart on what means most to me. How I envision the near year.

Today, I am grateful to wake up another year in the books: 2018! Where my goals and struggles will be reflected. New opportunities to grow and new challenges that will seem like forever in just the beginning  of stages. My grateful heart will be thankful that our families (my husband and I) continues to be well and growing. That are little dog, Roxy carries on with her treatment with meningitis and may she be lifted of such a burden that you will never even notice in her tiny brown eyes. This year I will bring forward my grateful heart that that my husband and I may be blessed early on with a family of our own.

There is so much to look forward to this year… so much happiness to grasp onto. I challenge you today to inquire within yourselves what it means to bring forth your own grateful heart.  I look forward to hearing your stories…

Happy 2018 bloggers! May you make it different than the norm, than your norm. May you make it make count.


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