Lavender is the New Pink! Baby Shower Edition…

Do you know what I love more than weddings? Baby showers! The joy on a mama-to-be’s face at her baby shower while she is showered with love, is priceless! 

This past weekend I celebrated a dear friend who has become more like a sister. Honored to be part of the planning team, the theme was “Little Peanut” with shades of purple; lavender as the main focus as that is her favorite color. We leaned toward a simple but elegant look. The balloons were my favorite part. They brought such a soft feel to the overall look. I was so happy to be part of this joyous occasion. Congrats to my dear friend K. I love you lots!!

Check out the photos above for some party inspiration! Let me know what you think about the “Winner” Prize tags that I made. They will be available on the re-opening of the Etsy store this February! Thanks for stopping by! 


2017 Wedding Trends 




Faraway Destinations a/k/a Europe. If one of my friends came up to me and told me that they were going to be getting married in Greece, I may just faint. It is literally the vacation of my dreams. While not all your guests will be happy, the ones that truly want to be there, WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN and use it as a vacation!

All dresses from
Removable Wedding Gown Skirts. AHH! This trend was also pretty big in 2015 but you’ll see it even more this year. I love seeing brides go the different route of traditional. It will definitely give you the opportunity to showcase your personality and let’s face it, It’s adorable!

 Late Night Snacks doubled as Favors. After a night full of drinks and dancing, this is probably the best take-home favor you could give your guests. The gift of FOOD! YUMMM!

Live Streaming Ceremony. I’m so in love with this trend. This gives your family and friends who were absolutely bummed about missing your wedding, the opportunity to be there with you in spirit at your ceremony! Check out They offer different packages starting from $250+. Locations in PHilidephia, Washington D.C., NYC & LA.

Donation Charities Registry. For the engaged couples who already have everything they need and want a way to give back!, gives you a wide range of Donation Charity Registries to choose from.

Which trend is your favorite?


Happy New Year! 

We’re getting this one on a canvas for our living room

Loved having LIVE music at our reception!

20 years of friendship!
It feels so great to be back on the blog. I left off planning my wedding and as you can see. The wedding has come and gone and now I’m in full duties of wifehood. Looking forward to being a bridesmaid for two weddings this year as well as a guest in two other weddings, so look out for more wedding posts coming your way. Miguel and I will also be visiting our families in Puerto Rico (this October) god willing, for a family destination wedding. Our first ever! So exciting! 2016 made me an  aunt to a special little boy, Brendan, and I will soon be an aunt this year as my brother Daniel and his wife Lauren are expecting in April. Did someone say expecting? No! Not me, I have about 5 friends that are going to be mommies this year and I’m super excited for all the baby showers.

In addition to all the wedding updates, I’ll be making some changes on the blog by turning it into a lifestyle blog rather than just weddings and parties. It’s something I’m very passionate about. I hope to create exciting content for you. I’m already mapping out the posts. It will be a simple Tuesday and Thursday deal with once in a blue Fridays! I hope you will continue to take this journey with me where I can voice my passions, likes, loves and interests.

Before I let you go, I just want to wish you all great success and much happiness in 2017. I’ve seen a lot of people speaking out about 2016 being the year of many trials and tribulations, but for me it was such an awesome year. My favorite memory was of course, marrying the love of my life my husband, Miguel. Check out some of our amazing wedding photos above! I’ll see you all next week