Are Bridal Shows Worth It? 


Happy Wednesday! For today’s post I’m speaking to all the brides who don’t know where to start when it comes to their wedding planning. Starting the process can get very overwhelming. I definitely felt the difference in helping my friends plan their weddings to when I started to plan my own. I kind of felt guilty in a way like, “why am I so confused when I’ve helped plan so many before?” I think that is pretty common and a natural feeling. I’m not your typical bride whose known what kind of flowers or centerpieces she was going to have since I was a little girl. I definitely dreamed of getting married and walking down that aisle but I never really envisioned what it would be like or had any idea how much time goes into the process.   In my last post I talked about some organizational tips and apps for the wedding planning which can also help you start. The other thing I think can really help you get a sense of where to begin are Bridal Shows and Expos. While you will speak with so many different vendors and may receive like 10 calls a day because of it, you can also see which vendors you don’t necessarily need or want. For instance, one bride may love the idea of hiring a wedding planner to help guide her every step of the way and another bride may be like “I GOT THIS!” Bridal Shows and Expos are a great way to pick out your style and pick out your needs.


I recently went to a Bridal Expo with some of my fiancee’s family & friends. We are all getting married which is pretty awesome! Before the Expo I had booked most of my vendors already so I was specifically looking for information regarding the honeymoon and limo service. I probably filled out every entry possible for a free honeymoon or a free trip of any sort. If you haven’t booked specific vendors yet, it’s good to go to these shows and expos because they offer you free stuff, discounts or you can even win something. Men’s Warehouse was offering $40 off groomsmen suits and if you get a certain amount, you get one free rental. My fiancée’s cousin who is also engaged and came with us won a free photo booth just for visiting the vendor’s table and playing a little game. Plus, I’m happy to announce that my fiancée and I won a really awesome prize toward our honeymoon. We will be going this weekend to pick up our prize! How exciting!

If you want to find an upcoming Bridal Show/Expo you can visit or you can look online for free shows! This is wedding season so check now!

Below are some pictures below from our visit at the Meadowlands Expo Center in New Jersey!  

How do you all feel about these shows? Do you think they’re worth it?









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