We’re Engaged! 

Happy New Year blogger friends!
I hope that you all are making the most of 2016 so far. Remember that every day is a gift and so we must create a life that we can be proud of. The one thing I like to do on my blog every January is just reflect on the year before. 2015 was a very hard year for my family and I as we lost two beloved women but also had so many wonderful new memories. Rather than focus on what made me sad, today I will celebrate what gave me joy: 

On September 26, 2015, my love of 8 years asked me to marry him! I cannot tell you the amazing feeling I had that day. Not only were we celebrating his grandmother’s 70th birthday, but now we were celebrating our forever commitment to one another. 

The moment I said I do….

 I have been waiting so long to start blogging our wedding planning process. We decided since we’ve been together for quite a while, we didn’t want to have a long engagement. We have chosen August of 2016! 

Since September, we have booked our Venue, Photo/Video, DJ and Hotel Accommodations, with lots more to do. I will tell you that we had planned for a while to get engaged so saving money had been on our agenda since the spring of 2015 which is why we have been able to start planning right away. If you take away anything from this blog post is SAVE SAVE SAVE right away, if you are planning to get engaged! 

Our save the dates went out last week, so now I can officially share all of our Save the Date/ Engagement Photos with everyone. Our friend, Mikey Rivera from M.A.R. Photography (FB) was our Photographer. He is actually a mentor to my fiancé who also does photography and Mikey, we are just in love with our photos!  Check out our favorite ones below.            

  We took our photos in November at a local park and just had fun with it! I wanted something effortless that showed the type of couple we are. It’s never too soon to plan your engagement photos. Do it while you’re still on cloud 9. Your photos will come out amazing and will set the tone for your whole wedding. 

 I can’t wait to share each week with you everything that I’ve been going through emotionally plus all the planning. I’ve been making notes from everything I’ve done so far so stay tuned!