Shakira’s Baby Shower Trend!

Congratulations to Shakira on the birth of her new little boy Sasha. First, can I just say how amazingly adorable I think his name is. I once knew a Sasha growing up even though she was a girl, I had never thought of it as a unisex name until now. I’m really digging it!

Recently, I saw a lot of different articles on Shakira’s Baby Shower and decided to do some research on it to share here with our blog friends as the newest trend is becoming such a huge hit. UNICEF Baby Shower delivers gifts to children around the world who are in need. You can either buy a gift or you can host your own shower. On Shakira’s Facebook page she urges mothers to host their own with these encouraging words “Every woman who’s expecting has the power to use the blessing of her child’s imminent birth to save the lives of other, less fortunate children around the world. If every expectant mother having a baby shower decided to include among her gift registry some of these ‘inspired gifts’ that UNICEF offers, we could collectively save the lives of hundreds of thousands of children all over the globe.”

During Shakira’s first pregnancy in 2013 for Baby Milan, UNICEF announced that
“3.8 tons of therapeutic food that saved children from severe acute malnutrition. Around 80,000 polio vaccines. 200,000 oral rehydration salt sachets. Over 1,000 insecticide-treated mosquito nets that protected children from contracting malaria. Over 150 portable scales to weigh babies and toddlers that helped with the early detection of malnutrition and illness.” HOW AMAZING!!!

Now we all know that we attend or host baby showers in order to help the parents to be financially with their own future little ones. Here is how you can incorporate the shower trend into your own baby shower:
“Wishing well” ideas were created for little gifts that don’t need to be wrapped. In place of YOUR wishing well u can ask your guests to bring a small non-wrapped gift that will be donated to UNICEF. Right now Shakira’s registry gift ideas include blankets, baby scales, soccer balls and storybooks. These are such useful ideas but you cal always add your own personality into the mix.

I think this Baby Shower Trend is an awesome idea and I love it not only makes a difference in these children’s lives but it also shows the compassion and the integrity in individuals. Blessing others by giving them something that could save their lives is beyond love!

Congrats again to Shakira and her beautiful family! We wish you many more blessings your way!

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What are your thoughts on this Baby Shower Trend? Is it something you think you would do?

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