A Baby Sprinkle + DIY Onesies

While planning my best friend’s baby sprinkle this past July, I had been asked what the difference was from a regular baby shower. There really is no significant difference other than usually when a woman is having a second or third baby the term is considered “baby sprinkle” if she already had her big baby shower previously.

My friend Roselyn’s daughter was born about 5 years ago and I wanted to throw her something small to celebrate. She’s also having a boy this time so I wanted to ensure she would receive her basic necessities.

Due to having a lot of expenses this year, I kept it simple but cute. One of our other friend’s offered her home as our venue. We decorated with some balloons and garland. I catered food from a local deli and Italian restaurant.

For entertainment I opted out of games and gave everyone a “onesie” to decorate. I saw this activity on Pinterest and thought it looked really fun! Everyone had a great time creating the perfect onesie.
Materials used were: Carter cotton onesies (Walmart/Target) pre-washed, individual fabrics (walmart has different patterns 97 cents each), fabric glue, buttons, stencils and sharpies! All my supplies including each onesie came to a little under $100.

Check out some of the awesome onesies that were created (click on the picture for a larger view):

Roselyn received so many wonderful gifts for baby Sammy. Thank you to all the friends and family that came to “sprinkle Roselyn with love!”



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