My Roxy gave birth!

Hi everyone. I’m sorry that I’ve been missing this week with blog entries. I have been preoccupied since last Friday. My dog, Roxy, gave birth unexpectedly on Friday and I’ve been trying my best to learn how to take care of the puppies and her. I don’t normally do many personal blog posts like this, but I wanted to share with you all what’s been going on the past week.

About three weeks ago, we noticed that Roxy had a pudgy belly and I immediately considered her being pregnant. We also have a male Yorkie and neither are fixed. We took her to the vet but didn’t see any puppies in the ultrasound (it’s a mystery). We were set for another ultrasound Monday, 6/2 but on Friday morning, I noticed Roxy was very shaky, vomiting and whimpering. On the way to the vet, Roxy gave birth in the passenger seat of my car to who we now call Peanut! I was so panic, but thankfully he was just fine. I was so amazed how my lil Roxy knew just what to do by immediately licking peanut and biting off his umbilical cord. Once I got to the vet, “Royal” was born. Our last puppy “Lucky” did not want to come out and Roxy was so tired to push. Her legs started turning green and she almost lost her life. The vet had to manually take out Lucky who was not breathing. A few minutes of CPR and he came back back to us. About an hour later, I took my new little family home and I’ve been in love ever since.

I’ll be honest, this little taste of motherhood is scary. I worried that they will survive because they are so tiny. At almost a week old, they are gaining weight and meeting their milestones thus far! It is definitely like having real babies with feeding them supplement milk every 3 hours to ensure they are getting enough nutrients, in addition, to Roxy nursing. I definitely cried a lot out of frustration and lack of sleep, but my boyfriend and I are on a routine now and the puppies are thriving which makes my heart happy again. Roxy is such a great mama. I am so proud of her.

So meet my little puppies:

First born Peanut is super tiny which is why he has that name. He loves to eat and sleep. He has a more yorkie look to him. He is almost at 3.5 oz which is his goal by tomorrow. He’s right on track.

Next was Royal. He is definitely a chunky poodle. He has curly hair and a black nose. He looks just like Roxy. He is the biggest pup at over 5 oz almost at his goal of 5.5 oz.

Last but not least, Lucky! He’s the most improved. He had trouble nursing for the first two days but now he is a pro and has been gaining a great amount of weight! He’s almost 5 oz. which is his goal. He’s black and white and just so cute and active.

Here is a photo of my boyfriend feeding Lucky. You can see just how tiny they really are!

We are giving all the puppies to friends and family so that Roxy can still see and play with her pups in the future! Can’t wait to see what they’ll look like full grown! 🙂 I’ll be happy to keep updates on their progress!



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