Memorial Day Recipes!

I absolutely love Memorial Day and not only because it reminds us that summer is around the corner and our tough winter is long behind us, but I also love spending time with family and friends; remembering those who have put their lives on the line for millions of Americans they don’t even know (so thank you so much from bottom of our hearts) and eating a bunch of delicious BBQs and meals we wouldn’t normally do on any giving Monday.

Here is a list of some awesome recipes to try this weekend. All are very easy.

I think it’s fun to change up a traditional BBQ with regular burgers and try serving your guests burger sliders…smaller bites…gives them more room to try everything else on your menu. This recipe is from Pinterest from

As I mentioned before Memorial Day reminds us that summer is around the corner so why not try this strawberry-champagne slushie from (they didn’t have a direct link). I can imagine this would take a matter of minutes to whip up. Grab those cute plastic champagne glasses from your nearby dollar store and waaaalaaaa!

Guests love snacking before the big meal. Make them these Rosemary Bacon Potatoe recipe. I love making these for my friends! They are very tedious but well worth it! I shared these before for Super Bowl. Here’s a refresher:

You can’t leave the BBQ without dessert and I can’t help but share one of my favorite cupcake recipes that I made last year for a friend’s BBQ: Cheeseburger sliders! There are a bunch of ways to make these… Get my recipe here: Definitely a big hit at any party!

We hope you all enjoy this holiday weekend and remember to stay safe! Any fun plans? Let me know in the comments below…


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