Mother’s Day on a Budget?

Mother’s Day is three days away and if you’re anything like me, you really want to make your mom feel special that day on top of all the other days you’re supposed to appreciate mom right? In my situation, I have my mom and I have my stepmom who’s been struggling with the affects of a stroke the pass few years. Recently, she’s been displaced back into the hospital and I had to remind her that Mother’s Day is where your family is, as long as you’re together that’s what makes it special.

With that said, I know many don’t have the means to splurge on mom whether it’s your age, financial problems or whatever the case, I have a few ideas that can help.

First on my list:
SPA DAY! If you’ve ever done a spa day the price tag can add up, so opt for a mani/pedi or a hair day. Even better, do one at home. Grab your robes, do each other’s nails, put some curls in each other’s hair, make a yogurt mask (Pinterest) and sip some wine or lemonade whiling relaxing to a good movie or music!

For the mom who loves BASEBALL. Did you know that most stadiums offer discounted tickets on off days? The Yankees offer $5 tickets on Mondays! Can’t make it to the major leagues, check out your minor leagues in your nearby towns and take your mamma out to the ball park!

Does your mom love MOVIES? Opt for something different and find your nearby Movie in the Park. Most towns or cities that offer this are free or at minimal cost. Bring some snacks, a blanket and make it a fun family night out!

My mom always cooks for me when I come visit so if that sounds like your mom how about you COOK for her instead. Going out to dinner can be a hassle with tons of other people having the same idea. Make a simple meal: pasta, BBQ or even take out. Set your table real nice with some flowers and waaalaaa! Don’t forget to wash the dishes! 😉

Lastly, this idea might cost a little more than the rest, but I’ve heard awesome reviews. Take your mom for PAINTING & WINE! This super popular idea comes with BYOB facilities. You pay to paint your picture on canvas while wearing aprons and sipping on your wine. I actually really want to do this with my mom this year.

Whatever you decide, remember how special your mom is and all the things she does for you and the family! Don’t forget it follow my FB page on the side for all the Mother’s Day gift ideas I’ve been sharing this week!

Happy early Mother’s Day to all the hard working moms out there! We see you and we love you! What’s your favorite thing to do for mom on Mother’s Day? Let me know in the comments!


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6 thoughts on “Mother’s Day on a Budget?

  1. Love these great ideas!!! I usually let Jayden pick since he is the reason I am a mommy and we see Elaine in the am and mom in law in the pm

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