Unicorn & Rainbow Theme Birthday Party!

This past weekend was a special little 4 year old’s birthday; Miss Carlie. I had the honor of creating her cupcakes exactly how she wanted them: “Rainbows!” Carlie’s creativity is growing so much and I enjoyed watching her family put together the cutest decorations.

Her unicorn and rainbow theme was so well put together, especially the fun trinkets for the goody-bag “unicorn cups!”

To recreate these cupcakes all you need is yellow cake cupcakes, blue icing, xtreme airheads for the rainbows and mini marshmallows!

We hope Carlie had a wonderful birthday!


What’s your favorite kid’s theme party? Let us know in the comments!

Photo credit: Okskinny


2 thoughts on “Unicorn & Rainbow Theme Birthday Party!

  1. Thank you so much Janeen. The cupcakes were amazing and delicious. Carlie loved them very much. You did a great job making them just how ahe wanted them. Thanks again xoxo

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