Happy Birthday Jayden + Lego Cupcakes!

We have a very special birthday to share with you all…Happy Birthday to my awesome little cousin Jayden! Today he is 9 years old and I hope that he has an amazing day!

Jayden actually had his Lego themed birthday party last weekend and I was super excited to make his Lego cupcakes. The cupcakes are regular yellow cake with vanilla frosting and sprinkles.

If you would like to recreate these Legos all you need is different colored fondants( Acmoore or Michaels) a rolling pin, baking soda, water, a straw and a knife.

-First, I sprinkled some baking soda on my table so that the fondant doesn’t stick. Take your fondant and roll it with the rolling pin about 1/4 inch thick. Cut off any uneven edges and cut out small squares and rectangles. Mold it with your hand so that the sides are smooth and even looking. I only did one each cupcake, but I’ve seen others with two each. For the dots: I took a sraw and used that to cut out the little dots. Then sprinkle a very small amount of water on your squares and rectangles (I used a small sauce brush) so that your dots will stick on. Do one at a time so that the water doesn’t dry up. Once you’re done, put to the side to dry for a little bit then add them to the top of your cupcakes! I made about 18 in less than an hour!

Have any of you made these Legos before?

Photo credit: Okskinny


4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Jayden + Lego Cupcakes!

  1. Oh my goodness! I love those cupcakes — so adorable. I’m in the middle of planning my son’s 1st birthday party. It’s so much fun. 🙂


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