Non-Traditional Brunch Bridal Showers!

As some of you know, I’m currently involved in planning a bridal shower for my bestie Joanna. While we are planning a traditional shower, I wanted to share with you a more non-traditional shower idea: Brunch!

When I say brunch I don’t mean a brunch theme shower, I mean an actual brunch meal in a restaurant. When my friends have birthday parties, most of the time we gather together and go out to dinner. This is the same thing only scratch out the private room, shower games and heafty deposit and opt for a regular brunch meal with minimal decorations. Since brunch has become more popular over the years, this idea is perfect for your low key bride, older bride or even the bride with a small amount of friends and family.

If you are weary about it becoming too generic, there are ways to make your table more personal. You can put together 2 or 3 inexpensive vases with flowers depending on how long your table will be. Make sure it looks even. Even add some confetti to bring out the linens.

Make or buy a card box (this one is from Etsy: PineNSign, but you can definitely make your own) and grab some decorative plastic bags to put gifts in.

If you want to have at least one game to make your time more fun- grab a quick “How well do you know the bride” questionnaire. Have the guests fill it out and the bride can read off her answers during dessert time. This one is from Omaplapen on Etsy. Instant download $4.

For favors: Make little bags of candy, candles with tags or even cute chocolate covered pretzels. I blogged on how to make your own DIY chocolate covered pretzel favors- read it here:

I think this non-traditional idea is super cute! What do you all think? Yay! Or Nay!?

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Photo credit: Pinterest, PineNSign, Omaplapen


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