Prom Dresses Channeling your Favorite Disney Characters

Since we talk mainly about weddings all the time, I wanted to do a fun post today for Prom season. I saw on Buzzfeed a while back, 45 Prom dresses that channel your favorite Disney characters, and I thought it would be perfect to share with you all! Here are my favorite ones:

This Cinderella dress is so simple chic. If you want to glam it up, rock an up do with some “bling” accessories!

I can’t explain how much I LOVE this dress and NEMO!! The color combo is perfect for the season. Since this dress is already a wowzer, I would definitely keep my hair and accessories at a minimum!

We all know that Princess Jasmine was one of the sexiest yet classy Disney princesses, so I’m not surprised this dress is gorgeous! It is definitely sexy, yet appropriate for HS Prom, so your parents won’t have heart attacks! Crop is in!!

Pertido was such an amazing dog from 101 Dalmatians and so is this cropped polkdaot ensemble! I love how both materials flow so easily together. You will definitely have all the other girls wanting your dress!

Tinkerbell all the way! Seeing young ladies dress their age always makes me smile. I like that it’s short and flirty and easy to dance in!

Last but not least, I had to choose this Princess Merida dress. It’s screams total glam, which is ironic that Merida wanted to be a warrior and a great one she was! I think any young lady wearing this dress would definitely have their confidence at a 10! How crazy is it so close to the original dress?

To see the remaining dresses you can go to Would you wear any of these? Which one is your favorite! Let me know in the comments. 🙂

Photo credit: Buzzfeed


5 thoughts on “Prom Dresses Channeling your Favorite Disney Characters

  1. These dresses are so much fun! I really like the Nemo one too. I never thought to wear orange to prom, but I probably would have worn that! My second favorite is Pertido’s, which is surprising because I never thought polka dots would be cute for prom, but that outfit is so classy and adorable. Love this post!

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