Real Wedding Feature: Roselyn & Sam!

Today, I’m very excited to add “REAL Wedding” features to the blog site! I thought it would be fun to showcase inspirations in helping future brides and grooms plan their weddings. I asked my best friend, Roselyn, to be our first feature. Helping Roselyn plan her wedding was awesome because she was such a creative bride and special for me as her MOH! πŸ™‚

The look and feel of Roselyn and Sam’s late September wedding at the Bridgewater Manor in Bridgewater, New Jersey, was perfectly captured by her amazing photographer Timothy Glenn. Check out the wonderful photos below with our bride’s personal feelings about her special day!

We met at work, Dr. Leonard’s Healthcare, a call-center about 9 years ago. Honestly, it was supposed to be just a temporary job and actually, I remember applying for a job with Janeen! I ended up getting hired at $9/hr — which back then meant you were ballinnn compared to my $6.25/hr I was making at Mandee’s πŸ™‚ Sam trained me from being a Order Entry rep to a Customer Service rep and we just started talking and hanging out. From there, the rest is history! πŸ™‚

May 18, 2012 — He picked me up after a crazy, hectic Friday work day and I told him, “I need you to feed me, and I need a large beverage ASAP”. He let me choose the restaurant, so I chose the first thing that came to mind — Red Lobster. I mean who could pass up some shrimp and garlic-butter rolls?! After dinner we went back to our apartment and he suggested we watch a movie at home before picking up our daughter, who was at his mom’s. It was a mini “date night” to ourselves since we rarely get that nowadays! He puts on a movie and says to me, “See if you can guess what movie I chose for us to watch”. I’m thinking it’s “Rocky” or “The Garden State” or something… and as the credits start, it turns into a slideshow of pictures of us with the song “Have I Told You Lately” by Rod Stewart playing in the background. Towards the end of the slideshow, I hear a voice over that he did where he left a sweet loving message for me and then the slideshow ended. I looked at him and said that was the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen! And he said he wanted to give that to me for Mother’s Day, but it wasn’t ready.

After a few awkard moments, he stands us up and asks me if I’m ready for that next step. My heart immediately fell out of my butt and I knew instantly what was going to happen. He dropped down to one knee, pulled out a ring, and asked if I would marry him. And of course, I said yes πŸ™‚

I would say our wedding was a sophisticated chic themed wedding. It was a mix of vintage with modern touches. Soft pinks and peaches with cool navy blues and silvers and warm golds. My problem is that I like everything — so selecting a theme and a color scheme was extremely difficult for me. But I picked a few things from here and there that I liked the most, and I thought that everything flowed nicely together!

My favorite part of wedding planning is doing all the DIY projects that I had planned to do. There’s something about creating something, and making something your own that your family and friends will just be “wowed” with that would just get me excited. Pinterest and google played big factors in a lot of my projects!

The most stressful part of planning our wedding was the financial portion of everything. Luckily for us, my parents were willing to pay for the venue, while Sam and I paid for all our vendors, and everything else. Putting deposits down while still making our monthly bills was extremely stressful and sometimes it would eat at me at night. Worrying that we’d be okay financially was my biggest fear, which is why I was so adamant in doing a lot of DIY projects to save us some money.

Wedding Differences- I think the only difference between some of the weddings I’ve been to and mine would be having our wedding ceremony right before our reception. Usually people have their ceremonies in the morning at a church and then there’s that break of time in between before the wedding reception.

Sam and I decided to get married outside, at our wedding venue and we were blessed with AMAZING weather. The sun was out, and as our ceremony went on, the sun started to set. We really could not ask for a better picturesque view. In fact one of the deal breakers when selecting our wedding venue was the outdoor space for the ceremony.

Bridgewater Manor was the first place we visited, and after numerous appointments with different venues, we ended up going with Bridgewater Manor because we ultimately were comparing all the other places to them. We fell in love! We liked that there was also no break in time from the ceremony to cocktail hour to reception. It was a quick ceremony, an hour to get your drinking started at cocktail with LOADS of food and then right into a night of fun and dancing!

My best advice for future brides would be to know your budget and always keep it in mind. Know what you like, but keep it realistic. There are many alternatives to things that can give you the same outcome without dishing out loads of money. For example, I am in love with peonies and I wanted my flowers to have peonies incorporated in them. In September, peonies aren’t in season, but my florist suggested David Austen roses which have the same look, are available in season, and cheaper!

Another suggestion would be bridal registry — if you already live with your significant other, try something like Do you really need another coffee maker? Or another toaster oven? Wouldn’t you rather have your friends and family contribute to an unforgettable honeymoon? gives your guests the opportunity to do so! Their money would be much better spent with you having dinner on the beach, than sitting in your closet collecting dust! πŸ™‚

And also, you don’t always have to go to a private bridal boutique for a bridal gown or bridesmaids dresses. David’s Bridal has had a number of affordable bridal gowns (especially from Vera Wang) and try places like NYC (if you are in the tri-state area) for bridal stores that sell a plethora of bridal gown/bridesmaid dress brands. Also — shop for dresses during a Holiday! Sounds crazy, but it’s true — my maids and I went to Macy’s Herald Square and they each got 20% off their bridesmaid dress because of a Mother’s Day sale that they were having. My Maid of Honor had a Macy’s card and I believe she was even able to get an additional discount on top of the 20% Mother’s Day sale! So there are lots of ways to cut costs on a lot of things, it just has to be the right things.

Thank you so much Roselyn and Sam for sharing your special day on the blog! Head over to Roselyn’s blog where she shares some of her DIY wedding projects! Below is a link to their wedding video! Don’t forget the tissues!!


Venue: Bridgewater Manor
Photographer: Timothy Glenn
Videographer: Iris Cinematics
DJ/Candid Photographer: Blancinoir Event Group

2 thoughts on “Real Wedding Feature: Roselyn & Sam!

  1. Her wedding looks so adorable! I’m like her in that I know I will freak out about spending money for my wedding because I freak out about money now. It’s so horrible. I know that I’ll only be able to get married and start planning everything when I’m fiscally ready. I really love all of the DIY projects, and I’ll definitely have to save her blog for future ideas!

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