New Vendor Feature: BaloolahBunting!

We have a new vendor friend today, meet BaloolahBunting! An etsy store specializing in delicate lace bunting and rustic hessian decorations for weddings and events! I met BaloolahBunting through twitter recently and was immediately taken away by how beautiful their designs were. I’ve asked, Claire, owner of BaloolahBunting to share with you all about her brand on a more personal level. Read more and see her beautiful designs below.

I run Baloolah Bunting from my home studio in Newcastle upon Tyne. My pretty laser cut bunting, reminiscent of 1940s English country fetes, is sold on Etsy and ‘Not on the High Street‘. It is a marriage of my love of textiles, auction hunting and graphic art. My range includes exquisite ring bearer cushions, table runners, table mats and cutlery wraps. My gorgeous vintage style range is inspired by shabby chic country weddings, with details including intricate lace effects, love bird silhouettes and fine, soft ribbon. Burlap (hessian) is used for a rustic ‘heritage’ finish and smooth hand-stitched satin touches add elegance and colour.

Baloolah’s products can be tailored to complement any wedding theme and play to the particular tastes of wedding couples, with everything made to order, designed and hand made by myself.

After a health crisis I realised that I had missed designing and making, as a teacher I had a satisfying job but I needed to scratch my creative itch. I started making personalised Christmas stockings for charity on Etsy, but after Christmas started thinking about what I could introduce next, I was addicted!

Redundancy meant that my small ‘play’ business is now my main stream of income. I feel lucky that I had this running already; many teachers in the same position as me are really frustrated and unable to move forward.

I get inspired by vintage textiles, trawling through Auctions and car boot sales, mid-century pottery, sunny days, walking on the beach, Mexican papel picado, and talking to my customers who always have the best ideas that I can develop and run with!

Last summer Freepeople used my bunting to decorate their campervan, it toured Cornwall and was seen by thousands of people, many more thousands online. It was fantastic to have a product that fitted in with their laid back cool aspirational lifestyle.

My bunting has been part of weddings and celebrations all over the world, It is a growing brand a desirable product. I believe that my product transforms a traditional product, injecting new life and excitement into the idea of bunting!

You can follow baloolahBunting on Twitter @baloolahBunting to get first view of new products as well as her Etsy store:

Thank you BaloolahBunting for participating with us, we absolutely love your work! 🙂

6 thoughts on “New Vendor Feature: BaloolahBunting!

  1. What an awesome company! That’s amazing that she worked with Free People! I love their stuff. This is such a unique idea, and I love all of the pictures you included to show her work!

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