Unique Bridal Clutches- Would you Splurge on these Beauties?

A few days ago I read an article that Instyle Magazine tweeted “7 Wedding Clutches We Love” and I couldn’t help but share. While I am big on writing about friendly budgets on my blog, I can’t help but LOVE these amazing bridal clutches. I’m a huge bag lover (collector as my family would say) so these definitely caught my attention! Check out my favorite ones plus some other more reasonable clutches I found on Pinterest.

This Charlotte Olymia “Marry Me” Pandora clutch is so different, I would love to try and recreate this adding my own touches!

The Halston Heritage Clutch screams all kind of elegance. For a minute I thought this was a perfume bottle! Beautiful!

The Judith Lieber Crystal Bow Clutch is the reason I had to blog today. My absolute favorite one! How could you not fall in love? As per Instyle- every First Lady since 1953 has worn Judith Lieber to the Presidential inaugurations!

I love this Elizabeth Anne Design Clutch with Monogramming I found on Pinterest. A beautiful touch to personalize your accessories. Makes a great gift for the Bride from a bridesmaid/maid or matron of honor!

Last but not least, this Jaxie Bridal Clutch can be found on Esty. Feathers make me smile and so I would totally buy this!

So which one is your favorite? You can check out the prices on the first three beauties at Instyle.com plus other fabulous ones they have listed!


Photo credit: 1,2,3- Instyle.com//4,5-Pinterest


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