H&M’s $99 Wedding Gown- A New Trend?

One of my favorite places to shop is no doubt H&M. Their prices and styles go beyond the word “stylish,” so when I saw online that H&M was debuting a $99 wedding gown I had to do a double take. Though I’m familiar with the company selling gowns that could be used as bridesmaid dresses, I’m beyond thrilled they would incorporate a bridal line.

So many women dream of a glamorous wedding but don’t have the funds to do so. My first thoughts on the dress is that it was nice. Nice- for a low key, beach or backyard wedding theme. I don’t think it would be my first choice, but it is definitely a great dress for the right budget! What are your thoughts on the dress?

Now I ask- is this a new trend in the making? Remember that David’s Bridal has been carrying $99 dresses for years. Here are two on their current website…

Buzzfeed even broke the news of the dress on their website also showing JcPenny’s $65 wedding gown currently on clearance.

I think it’s awesome that these companies can create gowns for any type of Bride, even the ones that don’t think a $2k dress is right for them. I can’t wait for H&M to officially create a bridal line; if that’s even in the talks of happening! Let me know in the comments what you all think!


Photo Credit: 1, 4- Buzzfeed; 2,3- David’s Bridal


2 thoughts on “H&M’s $99 Wedding Gown- A New Trend?

  1. That’s so awesome that they’re starting to make more affordable dresses for brides on a budget. I always said that if my parents pay for my wedding, I want to be the one to pay for my dress. Having elegant dresses at a lower price will definitely help me out a lot!

    1. I think that’s a great contribution Tiffany! I’m excited to see where they take this within the brand. I know J. Crew and Anthropologie also have bridal lines they are just beautiful! Excited to see this trend take off!

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