Valentine’s Day Week: Fun, Unique Ways to Celebrate!

Welcome to the week of love lovers!!! Even if you’re single and have warded off Valentine’s Day, I have some fun ways to celebrate this year! I’m actually guilty of enjoying this made up holiday, only because I love chocolate, sweets, food, presents and of course LOVE! So if you “love” all those things how could you not “love” February 14th right?

Ok let’s get to it! Valentine’s Day can get expensive as well as crowded; I’m definitely not a fan of the traditional over priced dinners. So here are some activities you can do any day so why not incorporate them into your Valentine’s Day plan?

First on my list is a Road Trip! For those who are kid free or may need a weekend of being kid free, it’s the perfect time to get your romance back in swing. Sometimes a little time away can help distress from every day life!

For the mom’s and dad’s: If being kid free doesn’t seem visible anytime soon, you can still have a fun Valentine’s Day with the kids. Try Ice Skating or a Game Night! You can even host it at home and invite some friends who may also not be able to have a “kid fee night.”

For my NON Valentine’s Day people this one is for you! Host a dinner party or brunch with your favorite friends, girlfriends or even couples! This is actually my favorite idea that I plan to do one year! 🙂

Or how does a concert sound? I am spending my Valentine’s Day at the Marc Anthony concert this Friday with the love of my life! The reason I’m so excited is he is not a concert person at all but loves Marc Anthony, so I definitely took advantage of it by doing something we’ve never done before!

Stay tuned for more posts this week on our “week of love!” I have some fun topics to share with you all!

(Photos were found on google & Pinterest)

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