A Weekly Savings Challenge- Save $ 3,000

Today, I just wanted to share a quick post about a weekly savings challenge that is perfect for those that are planning a wedding at the end of 2014 or waiting until 2015. This savings challenge will help you save a little under $3,000 which can be very useful toward your wedding expenses like flowers, your wedding gown or even unexpected expenses that may arise and usually do. This challenge is even great for those just wanting to get in the habit of saving more or looking to buy something they’ve been wanting forever!!! It’s great for everyone- so get involved and join us now while we’re still in January!

Below is a list of the dollar amount to save each week. If you want to challenge yourself more double each week and you”ll have a little under $3,000 by December 2014. Just use this list as your guide to keep you on track! I’ll be updating every few months to see how well everyone is doing.

Who is ready for the challenge? Let me know in the comments!

P.S. Try not to touch your money! Put it away where you can’t see it on a daily to keep the temptation away! 🙂 Happy Savings!


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