Winter Wedding Inspirations

When I was younger I always pictured myself having a hot summer wedding because I really really love the beach and do not like being cold, but I’m seeing more and more people beating the cold and making their wedding day so beautiful. As a jersey girl you know snow is a part of our lives and the older I get the more I’m appreciating the beautful side of it. There’s nothing more aw inspiring than a winter wonderland…just not a blizzard! Lol

Here are some of my favorite winter wedding inspirations for January and February weddings!

This is the type of snow that just makes you fall in love with winter. Who says you can’t have a winter wedding outside. Just add some heaters along side your guests seats for their comfort and waaalaaa!

I thought this was very unique and have never seen a favor like this before. I love the idea of sending encouraging thoughts of “love” on your wedding day. Start a fire and see where the flame takes you!

How in love I am with this bride is unspeakable. From head to toe it screams glamour. The best part it’s not too much.

There is something very classy about having the most simple yet dramatic touches for your venue. In this case less is definitely more. I wouldn’t change a thing.

The perfect addition to a winter wedding. Have your guests warm up to a hot coco bar. You can even make this part of a dessert bar with some coffee and sweets.

For the fashionista! I love this so much. Don’t forget to bring extra heels to dance the night away!

Would you have a winter wedding? Let me know in the comments.


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