Tis the Season to be a Giver!

The holidays are fast approaching and I could not go another day without sharing this beautiful story that my friend showed me. It brought me to tears to see how one company’s huge heart touched the lives of many. Westjet Airlines I salute you in bringing the holiday spirit to one blessed flight of customers. I know they will forever remember your meaning of giving to them. To watch this amazing Wetjet Airline Commercial and true story go to http://www.westjetairlines.com

Tis the Season to be a Giver! Give to those you love, those in need and to those you don’t even know! Giving is not just something of material it’s being there for someone, lending an ear to listen or opening your arms for a great big hug! Loving others is what this holiday is all about and thanking God for his greatest blessing of all! 🙂


(all photos were found on Google.com and not associated with okskinnyjk)


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