Bridesmaid Diaries: A Lindt Chocolate Truffle Coco Recipe

Happy Monday bloggers. Today I am sharing with you a Lindt Chocolate Truffle Coco Recipe that my girlfriend used as favors over the weekend for her engagement party! A couple of weeks ago, the bride-to-be hosted a Lindt Chocolate party!!! Who knew Lindt chocolate had private parties? How delish!?! She decided that something fun could be done with the truffle recipe as her favors. I love crafting so putting these together was a treat for me. They came out super cute. Here is what you will need to makes this yummy recipe…

Mason Jars
Lindt Lindor Milk Chocolate Truffles
Peppermint (crushed peppermint mints)
Small clear candy bags
shredded Paper (optional)
Thank you tags

Now let’s fill our jars!!! Take some paper and shred enough to cover the about 2/3 of the bottom of the jar, just to give it a little oomph. Put a few marshmallows in one baggy and the crushed peppermint in another. We separated them in case people don’t like one or the other. Now add your baggies first placing them side by side and place three truffles on top of one another. Close your lid and tie your thank you tags on the jar. There are so many ways to decorate the jars so just have fun and be creative!

Now here is your coco recipe! We tried this recipe at the chocolate party…Ohmygee you will never drink hot coco quite the same again!!! Enjoy!!

Here are come photos from the engagement party! Congratulations again to my bestie Joanna and her fiancé Mike! From left to right: Bride & Groom to be// Delicious red velvet cupcake cake// Bridesmaids// Love.

Give the recipe a try and let me know in the comments of how much you LOVED it!!!


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