K Styles Boutique & Fashion Show!

This past weekend was one of the best weekends! After reminiscing at my 10 year high school reunion…oh my gosh I know 10 years? Ahh…I had the honor of being in my very first fashion show to support my coworker and friend for her K Styles Boutique. K Styles carries amazing pieces that you don’t find anywhere else…timeless key piecese that will make heads turn and leave you feeling fabulous!

The show was so amazing and I had so much fun making beautiful new friends. Here are some cool shots of what I wore for the show. Hair was also highlighted that evening by the talented Ms. Tiffany. It was my first time adding hair to my head and I looooved it. She made me feel like a supermodel!

K Styles Boutique is located at 224 Tremont Ave, East Orange, New Jersey. And Ms. Tiffany’s Salon & Spa is located at 527 Jorelamon Avenue, Belleville, New Jersey.

The main designer of the night was Anthony Eastwick who showcased his Eastwickcollection! I was honored when he asked me to walk for him as well as designer Lenord Wise which I wore this beautiful white Peacoat! You can follow Mr. Eastwick on Instagram @eastwickcollection.

Which outfit is your favorite?


4 thoughts on “K Styles Boutique & Fashion Show!

  1. Ok skinny! 🙂 I personally love that white jacket dress, is beautifull. I personally say is not the clothes that makes the person,is the person that makes the clothes and what I mean by this is, they couldn’t not have found more perfect and beautifull of a role model than you. You totally rocks those outfits. Keep up the great work ❤ . 😉

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