DIY Holiday Wrapping Tip!

My favorite part about buying someone a gift is WRAPPING the gift. Each person you buy a gift for has a special meaning and what great way to express that than through different ways of putting your gift together.

After the wrapping paper and the ribbon I like to add a special touch with my gift tags. The regular gift tags are cute but sometimes they can be so boring. It’s super easy to make your own with some old Christmas cards that are too pretty to throw away but may take up space in your home.

Hope you enjoy this little tip of mine. Like I always say…whatever you do make it your own! 🙂 Have a wonderful holiday everyone!


Tis the Season to be a Giver!

The holidays are fast approaching and I could not go another day without sharing this beautiful story that my friend showed me. It brought me to tears to see how one company’s huge heart touched the lives of many. Westjet Airlines I salute you in bringing the holiday spirit to one blessed flight of customers. I know they will forever remember your meaning of giving to them. To watch this amazing Wetjet Airline Commercial and true story go to

Tis the Season to be a Giver! Give to those you love, those in need and to those you don’t even know! Giving is not just something of material it’s being there for someone, lending an ear to listen or opening your arms for a great big hug! Loving others is what this holiday is all about and thanking God for his greatest blessing of all! 🙂


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Bridesmaid Diaries: A Lindt Chocolate Truffle Coco Recipe

Happy Monday bloggers. Today I am sharing with you a Lindt Chocolate Truffle Coco Recipe that my girlfriend used as favors over the weekend for her engagement party! A couple of weeks ago, the bride-to-be hosted a Lindt Chocolate party!!! Who knew Lindt chocolate had private parties? How delish!?! She decided that something fun could be done with the truffle recipe as her favors. I love crafting so putting these together was a treat for me. They came out super cute. Here is what you will need to makes this yummy recipe…

Mason Jars
Lindt Lindor Milk Chocolate Truffles
Peppermint (crushed peppermint mints)
Small clear candy bags
shredded Paper (optional)
Thank you tags

Now let’s fill our jars!!! Take some paper and shred enough to cover the about 2/3 of the bottom of the jar, just to give it a little oomph. Put a few marshmallows in one baggy and the crushed peppermint in another. We separated them in case people don’t like one or the other. Now add your baggies first placing them side by side and place three truffles on top of one another. Close your lid and tie your thank you tags on the jar. There are so many ways to decorate the jars so just have fun and be creative!

Now here is your coco recipe! We tried this recipe at the chocolate party…Ohmygee you will never drink hot coco quite the same again!!! Enjoy!!

Here are come photos from the engagement party! Congratulations again to my bestie Joanna and her fiancé Mike! From left to right: Bride & Groom to be// Delicious red velvet cupcake cake// Bridesmaids// Love.

Give the recipe a try and let me know in the comments of how much you LOVED it!!!

K Styles Boutique & Fashion Show!

This past weekend was one of the best weekends! After reminiscing at my 10 year high school reunion…oh my gosh I know 10 years? Ahh…I had the honor of being in my very first fashion show to support my coworker and friend for her K Styles Boutique. K Styles carries amazing pieces that you don’t find anywhere else…timeless key piecese that will make heads turn and leave you feeling fabulous!

The show was so amazing and I had so much fun making beautiful new friends. Here are some cool shots of what I wore for the show. Hair was also highlighted that evening by the talented Ms. Tiffany. It was my first time adding hair to my head and I looooved it. She made me feel like a supermodel!

K Styles Boutique is located at 224 Tremont Ave, East Orange, New Jersey. And Ms. Tiffany’s Salon & Spa is located at 527 Jorelamon Avenue, Belleville, New Jersey.

The main designer of the night was Anthony Eastwick who showcased his Eastwickcollection! I was honored when he asked me to walk for him as well as designer Lenord Wise which I wore this beautiful white Peacoat! You can follow Mr. Eastwick on Instagram @eastwickcollection.

Which outfit is your favorite?