Holiday Guide for your special guy!

Happy Friday or should I say happy Black Friday! Today is officially the start of the holiday season. I love to wait until Thankgiving is over to start thinking of Christmas!

The first person I usually buy for is my boyfriend because he is the easiest! He will usually give me some ideas for big gifts and then I just improvise for little ones or stocking stuffers. Below us a gift guide for your special guy. I based it on my boyfriend’s favorite things.

Left to right…
1. Sneakers- if your guy loves to play ball or exercise…mine loves to do both!
2. Portable Bar- this is perfect for guys who have their own place and like to host parties or football Sunday!
3. Movies- DVDs make great stocking stuffers for your movie guru guy!
4. Wallet- I got one for my boyfriend a few years ago and he loves it (get good quality; it will last for years).
5. Dress shirt- there is something super sexy about a guy in a nice button down. My favorite store to get these for my guy is at H&M!

Have any of you braved Black Friday yet?


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