Happy Halloween!

I know this is such a late post! I’ve been so busy helping my boyfriend get ready to move into his new apartment this weekend!!! Our Halloween wasn’t very festive but I did manage to get some pumpkin decorating in the other day!

I had this vision of mini pumpkins in one of my cake vases to bring some Halloween decor to my table! I finally found them after weeks of looking! $1 each at stop & shop can’t beat the sales right?

To create this here is what you’ll need:

Pumpkins (real or fake), glitter, a spoon, spray adhesive, paint and paint brushes! To create a glitter pumpkin all you do is spray the whole pumpkin- before it dries take your spoon and pour glitter on the pumpkin as much or as little as you like! Super easy right?

For painting- I used the sponge brushes because the paint looked better with a spongy look and took way less time! I did two coats for the white and one coat for the black. Before the paint dries just add glitter for a more romantic look!

All three pumpkins took me about half hour combined. It’s a great project to do with your kids or just something to have fun with!

Happy Halloween!!!!


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