Wrap Like A Pro!

You’ve got the invite, bought the gift now you’re like “oh no what do I do?” Trying to figure how to wrap your unfriendly sized gifts that may not fit in a bag can be a nightmare!

If you’re like me, I love to buy one big gift and then little gifts that match the theme on the side, but now you’ve got to figure out a clever way to wrap everything together. Think outside the box!

I loooove to wrap gifts! Here is how I wrapped my friend’s baby shower “unfriendly sized” gift!

The gifts!

Fist thing I did was hung the hangers to the box with ribbon and tapped it in the back.

Now we wrap!!! Place the box on the wrapping paper and cut the amount you need. In my case I will need practically the whole roll. Pull one side to the middle making sure it’s nice and tight but not too tight that the paper rips. Place clean pieces of tape. I used about three or four.

Now repeat for the other side. I surprisingly didn’t need the whole roll so I’m cutting off the excess.

Now fold your sides nice and crisp and pull over the sides. Place a few clean pieces of tape. Repeat for the other side. Usually it should have a clean smooth look but due to the hangers it’s ok if it looks a little bumpy!

Now add your ribbon if you like! All gifts look 2 times better with ribbon 😉 start from the back of the gift ( that’s where your tape shows) and tape your ribbon down. Then roll to the front and back tape the rest again in the back.

For the finished look, I added a baby boy sign and the stuff animal for a cuter look!

What do you all think? Do you have any fun ways to wrap gifts?


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