Party Banners!

I never really paid attention to banners until my best friend’s bridal shower; the bride’s cousin made gorgeous banners for the party! How gorgeous are they?!? 🙂 It inspired me to make some myself for my friends. Banners bring such a special touch and feel! I think they are a definite must have! Here are … More Party Banners!

Wrap Like A Pro!

You’ve got the invite, bought the gift now you’re like “oh no what do I do?” Trying to figure how to wrap your unfriendly sized gifts that may not fit in a bag can be a nightmare! If you’re like me, I love to buy one big gift and then little gifts that match the … More Wrap Like A Pro!

Bridesmaid Diaries: Wedding Planning Has Officially Started!!!

As some of you have noticed, I took a little break from wedding planning tips! I was recovering from my best friend Roselyn’s wedding in September. Well wedding planning has officially stated again! I can’t wait to share some new wedding tips as I experience my bridesmaid role for my beautiful friend Joanna! I am super … More Bridesmaid Diaries: Wedding Planning Has Officially Started!!!