Question Of The Day!

Does every guest get to bring a “plus” one?

If you are invited to a wedding, how do you know if you are allowed a plus one? The first indication that you have been invited to a wedding with a guest is the envelope. Most times you will see (for example) “Ms. Janeen Kaufman and guest,” or your significant other’s name may be listed on the envelope along with yours.

The other indication is the response card. A lot of couples are now writing in the person’s name with a number of people who are invited to attend in parenthesis on the side. If neither indication is visible, it’s more than likely you have not been invited with a guest.

If you are close to the couple, it might be okay to ask for a plus one if you’re comfortable doing so.

Tip: Wedding etiquette- just remember if you do bring a plus one (1) let the couple know ahead of time so your guest has a seat at the table; do not just show up with a guest! (2) include your guest in your gift to the couple especially if you originally weren’t supposed to have one!


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