Question Of The Day!

What’s the purpose of an engagement party?

While some may think its an unnecessary way of gaining monetary gifts for your wedding day, others may see it as a way to celebrate two people and two families coming together. If you make it your own, why can’t it be just a fun party? If an engagement party sounds like a wedding- opt for a smaller just family & friends gathering at a relative home rather than a restaurant or hall.

Guests and Gifts:

Your guests may think they need to give you money at your engagement party but that is just an option. They can also give smaller gifts as a way to say their congratulations, For example: Wine, Champagne, or picture frames. Guests can also give gifts toward your wedding day such as, a unity candle for the ceremony, a photo album to keep the memories of the engagement party alive and wedding planning books to help you plan your dream wedding.

Now its your turn to decide what kind of couple you both are and how you want to celebrate each other as one!


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