Question Of The Day!

How to stick to your wedding budget?

The most important parts of a wedding are usually, FOOD, ENTERTAINMENT & PHOTOGRAPHY. You want your guests to leave your wedding feeling full, but not too full that they still get on the dance floor. To some, photos are not as important, but there is something about having those unique and quality memories that will last a lifetime.

Here are some tips on cutting corners while still creating a luxury feel:

Flowers or alternate centerpieces: Choose a centerpiece that reflects your theme:

Small flowers for intimate weddings or lanterns are a nice touch for beach themes (both inexpensive and/or DIY projects)

Customize your invitations on cool websites like Etsy, Vistaprint, Bloggers (just to name a few). This beautiful invitation is from

Also, save money on favors and give your guests something they will absolutely use: Integrate your favors with your wedding- Photobooth frames, Candles and/or a Candy Bar

* Whatever you do make it your own and it will reflect how special it is on your wedding day. Xoxo


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