Question Of The Day!

What does it mean to be a Maid-of-honor or Best man?

Being the maid-of-honor or best man is an honor and a big job! It goes beyond just giving a meaningful speech at the reception. This means that the bride and groom think you are capable of handling anything that comes your way. Your #1 rule is to keep the bride and/or groom SANE! Try to keep them stress free and help them with whatever they need.

Some duties include: help picking out their dress/suit, opinions on venues, picking out bridesmaid dresses and groomsmen tuxes, going to fitting appointments, food tastings, planning the bride’s shower and being in charge of the bachelorette and bachelor parties! On the day of the wedding you are in charge of the bride and/or groom. You are their ROCK!

Here are some tips:

ALWAYS stay organized. Go buy yourself a little notebook and write everything down-trust me it will help// Start planning the bridal shower about 6 months in advance: just doing a rough guest list and researching some venues will help you with your budget and give you a better idea of how you will want to celebrate the bride. // Give your honest opinion on questions asked, but remember it’s not about what YOU like it’s what the bride and groom want// Give suggestions where needed and if you have no idea jump on google and do some research// Try to stay stress free so you can keep the bride and/or groom stress free!!!


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