Question Of The Day!

Does the wedding have to be paid in full before the walk down the isle?

More then likely your venue will have you pay your full balance before the day of your wedding.p, as well as, your florist & DJ since they are providing you with a service you will use on the spot.

Other vendors who may need to provide you with an edited service more than likely will ask for your balance after you’ve viewed their work such as photographers & videographers.

Always always read your contract with all vendors & ask questions. It also never hurts to negotiate with all your vendor to ensure you get exactly what you pay for and want for your special day!!


Roselyn & Sam Forever!

This past weekend I had the honor of being part of my best friend’s wedding. The venue took place at the Bridgewater Manor, Bridgewater, New Jersey!

It was such a beautiful day for an outside ceremony as well as the gorgeous venue inside. The wedding coordinator was excellent even with the list long of instructions the bride left him. The room was executed to the “T!” I was so impressed & enjoyed myself so much!

Congrats to my beautiful friend Roselyn & her new hubby Sam! Xoxo

Question Of The Day!

Does every guest get to bring a “plus” one?

If you are invited to a wedding, how do you know if you are allowed a plus one? The first indication that you have been invited to a wedding with a guest is the envelope. Most times you will see (for example) “Ms. Janeen Kaufman and guest,” or your significant other’s name may be listed on the envelope along with yours.

The other indication is the response card. A lot of couples are now writing in the person’s name with a number of people who are invited to attend in parenthesis on the side. If neither indication is visible, it’s more than likely you have not been invited with a guest.

If you are close to the couple, it might be okay to ask for a plus one if you’re comfortable doing so.

Tip: Wedding etiquette- just remember if you do bring a plus one (1) let the couple know ahead of time so your guest has a seat at the table; do not just show up with a guest! (2) include your guest in your gift to the couple especially if you originally weren’t supposed to have one!

Question Of The Day!

Do you have a big guest list but a small budget? Think about a destination wedding

The best feeling about getting married is having all your closest family and friends there to witness! Unfortunately, this day and age a local wedding can run you in the near 20k’s and that’s kind of cheap. If you have a smaller budget to work with try looking into a destination wedding. Depending on what location you choose, you can see a big difference in cost (maybe even half the cost of a local wedding)!

The other pro is; we all know about the “courtesy” invites. A destination wedding may likely cut more than a few people you didn’t really want to invite but felt obligated!

Visit for more information on their packages!


The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination- Albert Einstein

So this is the part where you all get to know me . And here is how I plan to begin, born & raised in Brazil; moved to the US in 1995. I have lived in New Jersey ever since i first embarked in the states. I was introduced to photography in 2011-2012 by one of the greatest people i was blessed to have ever met, my father in law “Edvardi Centeno”. To him, I dedicate this blog & my work. I began photography as a hobby, taking pictures of trees and birds. My first camera was a Nikon PX100. After a couple of years I decided to upgrade to a Canon Rebel xti and currently that is what i use to shoot. So who is Jamille Costa? … I am a daughter, a sister, an optimist & a realist (i battle between the 2 all the time). My favorite idol is Albert Einstein. I like to think we are similar in many ways . He loved chocolate, as do I and he enjoyed his privacy. He believed in himself, and he didn’t care what anyone thought of who he was …

How would I describe my photography style?

I think i am still discovering who I am as a photographer and where my passion lies. I love trying new things and have done several random shoots for different occasions. I can say that I dont like big events such as weddings and parties…I prefer portrait sessions where I am in control of the session. I would say my style is somewhat vintage with a modern twist. Hazy, and soft. In love natural lighting and sessions outdoors.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years I would love to have my own studio in New Jersey. I see myself traveling the world, meeting and learning about new landmark locations and new species of animals. I see myself backpacking across Europe or the amazon in Brazil . I see my photography being displayed in National geographic .

jamille 1

For any photography bookings or questions please email me

Instagram : JCosta_photography

Question Of The Day!

What’s the purpose of an engagement party?

While some may think its an unnecessary way of gaining monetary gifts for your wedding day, others may see it as a way to celebrate two people and two families coming together. If you make it your own, why can’t it be just a fun party? If an engagement party sounds like a wedding- opt for a smaller just family & friends gathering at a relative home rather than a restaurant or hall.

Guests and Gifts:

Your guests may think they need to give you money at your engagement party but that is just an option. They can also give smaller gifts as a way to say their congratulations, For example: Wine, Champagne, or picture frames. Guests can also give gifts toward your wedding day such as, a unity candle for the ceremony, a photo album to keep the memories of the engagement party alive and wedding planning books to help you plan your dream wedding.

Now its your turn to decide what kind of couple you both are and how you want to celebrate each other as one!

Question Of The Day!

How to stick to your wedding budget?

The most important parts of a wedding are usually, FOOD, ENTERTAINMENT & PHOTOGRAPHY. You want your guests to leave your wedding feeling full, but not too full that they still get on the dance floor. To some, photos are not as important, but there is something about having those unique and quality memories that will last a lifetime.

Here are some tips on cutting corners while still creating a luxury feel:

Flowers or alternate centerpieces: Choose a centerpiece that reflects your theme:

Small flowers for intimate weddings or lanterns are a nice touch for beach themes (both inexpensive and/or DIY projects)

Customize your invitations on cool websites like Etsy, Vistaprint, Bloggers (just to name a few). This beautiful invitation is from

Also, save money on favors and give your guests something they will absolutely use: Integrate your favors with your wedding- Photobooth frames, Candles and/or a Candy Bar

* Whatever you do make it your own and it will reflect how special it is on your wedding day. Xoxo