Lavender is the New Pink! Baby Shower Edition…

Do you know what I love more than weddings? Baby showers! The joy on a mama-to-be’s face at her baby shower while she is showered with love, is priceless!  This past weekend I celebrated a dear friend who has become more like a sister. Honored to be part of the planning team, the theme was…… Continue reading Lavender is the New Pink! Baby Shower Edition…

 Dress Essentials 

What a wonderful feeling when you get that call that your WEDDING DRESS has arrived at your boutique!! What’s sad is a lot of brides come unprepared to their first fitting. Not having all of your essentials to your first fitting can cause some inaccuracies in prepping your dress to ensure that it fits you…… Continue reading  Dress Essentials 

Rent The Runway for Bridesmaid Dresses! 

How many of you have been a bridesmaid? Once, twice, maybe 7 times? Yes 7, is my number and it will change to 9 as I have my two sister-in-laws weddings this year. I will be honest, I love being a bridesmaid. One thing that isn’t my favorite is buying the bridesmaid dress. Most dresses…… Continue reading Rent The Runway for Bridesmaid Dresses! 

2017 Wedding Trends 

Faraway Destinations a/k/a Europe. If one of my friends came up to me and told me that they were going to be getting married in Greece, I may just faint. It is literally the vacation of my dreams. While not all your guests will be happy, the ones that truly want to be there, WILL…… Continue reading 2017 Wedding Trends 

Happy New Year! 

It feels so great to be back on the blog. I left off planning my wedding and as you can see. The wedding has come and gone and now I’m in full duties of wifehood. Looking forward to being a bridesmaid for two weddings this year as well as a guest in two other weddings,…… Continue reading Happy New Year!