Gift Guide Part Two


Too awesome not to share! The animal lover gift guide is just adorable!

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I think the mini curling wand (a mini flat iron would be great too!)  is probably my favorite item on this set because it’s not something a lot of people own and hair products tend to take up a lot of room when packing. It would probably work a lot better for girls with short-medium hair but a mini flat iron would probably work fine for all girls.

I also would love the  travel jewelry case since jewelry tends to get tangled so easily and it would also work for my dorm where I don’t…

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District Magazine Feature!

So honored to be part of District Magazine’s holiday edition. Our featured article will give you a Gift Guide for your Best Friend! There are also great Holiday Outfit ideas, recipes, movies to watch and more! Read the full issue here:
(Desk top version only)



Be sure to check out more of our articles to come in the new year!

Real Wedding Feature: Raewyn & Iman

I’m always so thrilled when I find special couples who allow me to feature their wedding day on my blog. Your wedding day is so personable and it’s beautiful when you want to showcase it to perfect strangers. My fellow “Her Camous” networking blogger Raewyn is doing just that. Thank you for being my real wedding feature today. Raewyn and Iman have such a fun style and although I have not personally met them, I can just tell they are a fun couple as well. I asked Raewyn to give us all a further look into who they are and their special day…

“We met when I was a freshman in high school. He was a sophomore and he was dating a friend of mine. We discovered we had a lot in common and became best friends. Over the years we spent some holidays together. It wasn’t until my senior year when we had our first kiss – I asked him to Winter Formal. It was the best night I had in high school. Both of us had too much going on in our lives to date, but we always kept in contact. Then in 2011, I finally let him take me on a first date. We haven’t looked back.”

“Iman was hinting at an upcoming engagement for the few months before our one year anniversary. We had been living together for a few months, and one day he surprised me with ring shopping. He put a down payment on the ring (omgosh, as I sat at the counter in the Jewelry District in LA, he stepped outside to make a call. I thought he was calling his best friend — but really, he was on the phone with my dad.) For the following month he convinced me he wasn’t going to have enough money to purchase the ring for a few months, especially since we were going to Big Bear Mountain for our anniversary, November 19, 2012. We drove up and stayed at a Timeshare of his Grandma’s. It was so much fun and relaxing. We decided to go on a hike the morning after we arrived. I complained the whole way up, but Iman kept telling me it would be worth it. I knew the view would be gorgeous, so I trekked on. When we reached the top we could see all of Big Bear Valley and the whole lake. We sat in awe and took pictures. After some time he said, “Ready?” I, of course, thought he meant to hike back down so I turned to grab our jackets. As I turned back toward him, my heart skipped a beat. My 6’4″ man was not standing at his full height. Me being me, I thought he was falling down the mountain and panicked, only to tune into his words – asking me to spend my life with him. Istead of saying yes right away, I told him he was cute, squealed and then said yes, of course! I could not believe how he tricked me!”

The Wedding Planning process- “I loved the parts that Iman and I did together – specifically when we made our giant string heart! It was so fun to have him do a craft with me. He really put his whole heart into making it look perfect.”

“The guest list was definitely the most stressful part of our wedding. We paid for our venue and the food so it was extremely tough to make sure we didn’t invite too many people, without excluding anyone. There were so many times that someone (a parent or grandparent) who would ask if I had invited a family member I didn’t know existed and I’d have to rush send an invitation. Other people would assume they had a plus one, when I clearly wrote “we have reserved 1 seat for you.” In the end, it worked out because our venue didn’t charge us the extra 25 guests who attended.”

Raewyn was a DIY bride!!! Yay!! “I made our save the dates, invitations, wedding decorations, signs and centerpieces. My mom made my wedding dress. My grandmother made my money purse. My husband’s cousin did all of the flowers for me. Anything that I had to buy, I tried to purchase through Etsy so it would have a handmade touch to it!”

Wedding theme: 1950s Vintage.

When I first saw Raewyn’s photos, I immediately thought how amazing their photographer was to bring their personalities into their photos. It’s something you don’t see often and makes their day so much more special and unique from the norm– “I feel like our wedding had more of a sense of community. We tried to include as many family members and friends in the planning process. Some people might find it stressfull, but we have many talented people in our families who contributed. On top of that, I think we chose to do things differently (instead of table numbers, we had moustaches that you matched to your table). Unlike other weddings I attended, there was no separation of sides or family members. Everyone was together, dancing and getting to know each other. It felt like a family reunion, even though some people had never met.”

“Don’t stress out about any of the people involved. Everyone is going to have an opinion; your bridesmaids might not make every event or be as supportive as you hoped; but that’s all okay. Do everything with love and surround yourself with gratitude. Things will always find a way – even if its because someone canceled last minute. Oh, and hire a day of coordinator!!”

A big thank you again to Raewyn and her husband Iman for being on the blog today. Please be sure to head over to Raewyn’s blog where she has tons of more beautiful photos from her wedding day!!!

As always thank you for reading!

Milagros Clothing Design-Grand Openning Event!

Hello fashion friends. I have a new boutique for you all to check out- Milagros Clothing Design! I had the honor of being invited to the boutique’s grand openning this past weekend. I enjoyed all her classy pieces. My favorite was a gold ring that I definitely need to go back for! :)

Here are some photos from the event including a mini fashion show of some of her very own designs.

Milagros Clothing Design is located at 9 N. Dean Street, Englewood, New Jersey. Be sure to stop by her boutique. You can also follow her on all the main social media sites. We wish you much success Milagros!!!

Vendors included: Motives Cosmetics, DJ Giselle, Lenz Life Photography, Lesweet-Lesavory chef Maria, Cater- Analette.


Anthropologie’s BHLDN Line


I totally love this post from msrizzy! Anthropologie has such a beautiful wedding section that not a lot of people know about. Check out my bestie’s blog with her awesome photos of the NYC location! Enjoy!

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Hello loves!

A little over two weeks ago I had the opportunity to accompany a friend of mine to Anthropologie‘s Upper East Side location, where they have their BHLDN line. My friend wanted to visit the store to take a look at their wedding jewelry for her upcoming nuptials next June so I, along with another friend, basically invited ourselves to take a looksie with her! A short cab ride from The Warwick Hotel (where we all were for FFaNY set-up), we made our way to the Anthropologie store and let me tell you..

it. is. gorgeous.

The store is huge, filled with your usual fashions and accessories that Anthropologie has to offer, and as we made our way to the second level, we found the BHLDN section offering vintage inspired wedding dresses.



They also had some wedding decor sprinkled throughout, such as silver and gold mercury votives and vases, vintage…

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My Bite Beauty Lab Experience!

If you are looking for something to do in the city, you need to visit Bite’s Beauty Lab. I can always count on my work girls to find something exciting to do. Earlier this month we ventured off to our favorite city: NYC and visited the Bite Beauty Lab where we created our own shade of lipstick. How cool to know you are creating a color that no one else has?

Bite Beauty Lab is located at 174 Prince Street, New York. Appointments are recommended and Lipsticks range from $39+

When we first arrived we were greeted and immediately invited to sit down and describe the color we were looking for. I actually showed this picture of Selena Gomez rocking this orange/red color and my lip counselor started putting some colors together…

The shade combo she used was: 1/2 saffron, 1/4 Zinfandel and 1/8 garnet with a luminous creme finish to make my lips feel moisturized-never chapped! While it looks a little more red than orange, I just fell in love!!!

After the color is all picked out, you pick your scent (I did a combo of vanilla and violet) and then it’s placed into this ice machine where it is created into a lipstick.

You then pick your applicator and waaalaaa!

I had such an amazing time at Bite. While I’m not one to spend a lot of money on makeup, I do think the time spent and creativeness of the experience was well worth the price. The staff was so friendly and knowledgeable about the color combinations. I would definitely go again.

Bite is a place where you can also go as a group whether it’s for a birthday in the city or a way for brides to spend the day with her bridesmaids.

What do you all think of my color choice?